Friday, 3 June 2011

My Diet dilemma

No am not talking about a diet diet ...i mean my normal diet like what i eat day to day.
I made a point to eat healthy , and so far , i have reduced my carbohydrates portions to a a third of my food- not so good i know, but as i  said am looking at sustainability, changing my lifestyle in a way that is permanent.

I have tried a some sick diets twice in my life- well lets just say for the results i want to achieve , that method wont cut it for now.
I also have to keep in mind that am on Morbid obesity -i would hate to be forty and still saying the same things am saying now and then trying to loose health so i can manage all the diseases ill have by then ..that is where i was headed- but i already changed my path . So healthy 30s and 40s see you in a a few years :-)
It is indeed true the older we get the harder it becomes but it does not mean that if you were to find yourself 50 and overweight , that you should just give up .

I must say eating healthy for a couple of days and just keeping away from the fizzy drinks like sodas and juice makes an amazing difference- at-least in how i feel.But the opposite is true.
We had a public holiday , i did a little junking and i feel like i stuffed a whole cooking oil tub into my gut.Back to the healthy eating band wagon. Am looking at doing away with sugar in the upcoming week , and replacing it with honey.

Am also already feeling my sagging tummy tightening ( a baby does leave alot of tummy sag)
My trainer says we will weigh me after three months...whaaat?
That sounds like its ages from now and am not seeing how that is going to happen, though am trying to follow all the rules so am not saying ill break this one.

The best thing about the journey i have decided to take is that i have accepted a few things,
  • I am not comfortable with how i look , and i can do something to get where i want
  • Changing my lifestyle is difficult but very possible and can be done
  • I added it all up in four years  and for this reason , its not going to all fall off overnight.
I have also made SMART goals on my weight loss and i believe in myself- and those who love me are also on board with this so nothing stops me .
Am however looking for ladies with whom we can share this journey and we can do it together.
Research has proven that if you have goals and a support group , it increases the chances of your success in achieving by 50%.

Let the loosing continue!!

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