Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Noticed how i dont enjoy taking full lenght photos anymore!!

Just noticed as the years have gone by- i have taken less and less photos , and even the rare ones i do , i hate them ! the other day i was telling a colleague in the office that her camera is so messed up , because it made me look hidiously fat- fiction - i know but the simple conclusion is we keep making excuses to allow us keep swimming in our " uncomfortable end of the pool".

The straw that broke this camels back was having attended a dinner two weeks ago and we were all dressed up and feeling fabulous-Until i saw the photos! well my colleagues - hot, but i couldnt stand a second glance at myself.The face was wow- but the body looked well - Pow!

Lets just face it theres nothing good about being chubby - no matter how we try hoodwink it .
Its not healthy ,it doesnt look apealing so really who have i been fooling?

Buuut , admission is the first step to transformation .

Well as i said in  earlier , am done talking ..now am all about doing something about it !!!!


  1. Testing testing- everyone says theyve been trying to comment ....

  2. ... I have admitted and am walking in the path of change! I can visualize the me in the after and I love it! oooh! I already have a short for then :-)

    And how is it that chubby people can easily have pals who are also chubby?? Do we all let lose at the same time? Or do we just find company and feel comfortable???

    (In my mind)… “I am working late today and I am not happy since this is my gym time! Should I hit the stairs and then come back take my seat do my OT?? I sure should be able to compensate for this gym time that I have lost :-(
    ...on second thot, let me skip the rope at home