Thursday, 1 March 2012

Before and after ....

So i finaly have some courage to unleash some before and after pic.Apparently i discovered today - i was so  happy taking full body photos of me when i was almost 100kgs but i dont do much of that anymore.
Well a pic is worth a 1000 words so enough said! Posting this photos took alot of confidence so dont laugh at me!!
LBD- i felt so hot at this time :-) last year May

Last year April- baby was 3 months

April - last year - and no i wasnt preggers

After embracing - beginning of Jan- 2012

And the weightloss continued and i plan to take a current pic so i can post it on this very page! Im really glad and proud of myself. Looking back ( pic one) i really would rather be my weight right now !
Lets keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing  . XoXo