Monday, 6 June 2011

Does his opinion count?

The 'he' here refers to the lovely man in my life.... -hubby . Chances are i have a fresh recollection of how i looked when we met , and therefore i have a good idea of how he views me right now.Clearly i have added almost 20kgs.The question is not whether he loves me less- with all the sag and butt wag, am sure he loves me as much as he says he does. Rather the issue here is how much does he (really ) like/mind my weightgain?

I know i keep asking him " baby how do i look in this" but if he were to tell me the truth as he sees it - i think that would be a" one way Never return ticket to Hell. :-)"
So ladies why do we ask ? such questions - Have i added weight ? et al when we know the answers to those questions and we would go for his neck if he gave his honest opinion?

Am wondering loudly why we do it - seems most men fall victim to this question . Why do we really  ask for an opinion AND are not be willing to hear the answer . He knows this and his answer to " do i look huge in this" is always - " bby are you kidding ? you look hotter than ever ' or " you are forever going ....bla bla bla"

Most of the time we ladies have the answers in our heads so it beats the guys why we ever ask. Although i know there are a few fellows who are bold enough to sugar coat it "thats a perfect weight but dont add a gramme",translation - eee you are on the verge of going overboard or " hey am feeding you well" translation - uuhmm you been eating for three ...etc
Well am pretty sure we know the answers to those questions and our own honest answer is all we need.
It would be a bonus if my hubby loves the way i look , but as long as i love the way i look , then everyone is happy .

So if you feel you wanna loose some pounds , save the fella the trouble , and answer your own rhetorical  questions.And do something about your weight if you think you need to .
My motivation should be intrinsic, although i must say theres a thin line between asking and being incessant . Which God help me i hope am not being , where everybody around hubby included may be thinking .. oook so youre going to the gym , kudos but the sun is still yellow and the sky is still blue so GETOVER IT!!!

PS- I was looking for weightloss buddies- will share on that soon - i have three already.
Still going to the gym and so far i am so fit and loving the results.

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  1. Mmm! great read! My question still remains, so why do we even ask when we so well know we are not ready for honest feedback? Am i a culprit of this? Ur bet is as good as mine!

    Resolution! I know what feedback is honest and am gonna give me it! Gal, hit the gym and have some weight off your tummy and your bum too! Oooh! did I forget the rounded face you’ve been wearing lately? Yes, that too! Think am glad I have looked into the mirror and seen what needs to be mended, am a work in progress and the results will soon be evident. Am gyming and like Wambui, I can feel, not see as yet, the difference! Four weeks down in the gym and am glad.

    Thanks girlfriend for your read that I run to every time and again just to remind myself of my agenda and weight loss.

    … a luta continua.