Monday, 28 October 2013

Before and After -I Did it !

We started this year with a beautiful challenge- lets just do it ! Cut your hair , dye it , loose some weight - get a boob job, quit employment - ok the last two maybe too extreme - and the boobjob ireversible - But guess what - if theres even a remote chance it'l add joy into my ready to try it.

So anyway - i did stop blogging but not loosing - so lets see how i look in the same dress that stated this - two years later ....
The photo that started me on this journey- May 2011

And now- well not really now this pics are a few months old-
Same LBD as above :-) ( it can stretch quite abit)

Feels strange looking at those two pictures of me - Picture is worth as  many words as will come to your heads.

|Keep loosing - or maintaining - if you achieve your desired weight.