Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weight plateau remedy!

Hey -everyone - or anyone who still comes to find same old posts. Am ok with just doing one post every half year at this rate . I sort of got to a weightloss plateau where i think my body just got so used to what was going on - loosing weight was not slow and sure anymore.  As i was strolling in the mall bookstore - i stumbled upon a book - and bought it . Long story short its "Atkins for life " and been doing it for two weeks and i love it. I havent been so strict with myself, i even do rice on weekends , but i feel this is something that makes sense to me and i think i can do it for life - and never have to yoyo on my weightloss.

In two weeks i have lost 2 kgs - and this is very significant as i dint exercise and i cheated on weekends- so imagine what would happen if i was actually consistent. So basicaly i get to eat most proteins - apart from deep fried ones , and lots of vegies - i can even have cottage cheese. Its worked perfectly and i have not really strained with it .

Anyhow - i must say it feels good to effortlessly fit into clothes that look way smaller than me . Suddenly i love shopping - and fitting into clothes.

Will keep you posted ( sometime before christmass )