Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Introducing two lovely ladies!

So there this two ladies in the gym who i talked to this week who have to be the focus of our post today.This stories were offered voluntarily i dint even ask( still practicing my listening skills)- and it was coincidental that they were narrated   on the same day. Here goes..
One lady has been coming to the gym for four months , she was 105kgs when she started, after two months she was 102, and now she is 106.
According to her she works out really hard and is so consistent in attending ...she just came short of saying she is done gyming and i guess she was talking to me so we can quit together- like i should save myself the time.
Lady two - came to actually congratulate me on the way she sees me struggling to do the steps- and all the straddle movements. And she told me she has been coming to the gym for 2 years , she started at 88 kgs and now she is 65. she was 67Kgs after four months.

I was quite puzzled at how this two ladies came to the same gym, both talked of a period of four months but had stories that were worlds apart- infact i hope to be featuring lady 2 and getting her juicy story .
For obvious reasons ill be running at the speed of light when i see lady 1- i really do not like negative energy around me.

So this is a classic illustration of how two people seem to be doing the same thing but the results are different. I got thinking that its probably because bodies are different bla bla bla ..but no.
There is definitely something Lady 1 is doing wrong . Having said that , i have noticed a few faces who work out ever so lazily especially in aerobics studio even when the workout song is so damn fast . SMH

If i was in their heads for one day ..i want to guess what transpires as they go along.  After assessing i noticed sometimes i think like lady two - and sometimes like lady one. While we appreciate all bodies are different , there are some basics that we really must stick to , if we are to achieve optimum health and while we are at it weightloss. More on this later.

This is what i came up with

Lady 1 ( from 105 – 102 and back to 106)
Lady 2( from 88-65)  in four months
I barely lift leg from floor , 5 cm from the floo- sweats after 1 hour – by which time aerobics are over
Vigorously move my hands and legs as much or more than the trainer. Learn the moves real quick as a result. In 10 minutes am dripping sweat
Abs tonning
Does 10 situps in a span of 5 minutes and I need  to tell everyone how much it hurts
Just did  50 abs in 5 minutes and strained to add a few.It hurts after the 30th but hard work pays right?
Food and drink
Will be going to the gym later so load my plate. While youre at it , some half litre soda.( thank God am going to be working out today)
Have to compliment my workout efforts so more veges , and less of the portions. Some water will do – soda is loaded with calories which am trying to put off
At the gym
Would like to talk to this big ladies and comfort them ( as I whine) about this weight we carry around were in this together– did I mention how hard and what a sacrifice this is? Moneywise and timewise.
Working out is really fun. The more I sweat, the greater a time I have had. The workouts I enjoy are the ones am completely drenched in sweat
Is really strainious , and am about to give up , I feel good the way I am anyway …argh..
I enjoy the workouts and the way it leaves me feeling. Even weight loss is an advantage.

So -i would rather be lady 2..and now that we see the results of thinking like lady 1, anytime i get myself thinking like her, smack on my head then back to good thinking  then ill remember what i will reap.
Lets face it , if i plant beans, i will harvest beans - and not cowpeas.



Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Holidays and eating..

Holidays = eating , or so we think. So this weekend i found myself in a nice resort , where everything is five course, including teabreak :-).

It is so easy to pile up to 6 pounds in two days if we go all carefree and pick everything in the buffet.
I had this monologue with myself , and i was not going to allow what i had worked 6 weeks to loose , to come running back , all in the name of stuffing myself.

However  i failed  -  on the upside i failed in a good way.

For the first day - there was so much barbecued chicken and  yummy looking lamb chops with rosemary chicken- i found myself stuffing myself with so much of peas and sweetcorn casserole.
It felt really good to have made the first choice and leave my plate full of that red-not so good for my weightloss stuff.

Over tea break , i sfuffed myself with so much equatorial pawpaw- seriously, i must have eaten like 3 full pawpaws over break.

Come lunch time , beetroot soaked cucumber in plenty , lots of salad and abit of lean lambchop- couldn resist this! And i also filled my large plate with veges, was being asked if i was trying to be a rabbit.
I guess my strategy was , get myself so full , there was not going to be a chance that i had space for the more chicken . This strategy worked quite well through.
So bottom line am really enjoyed myself and i did not sabotage my weight loss efforts.

By overeating the good stuff, i may not have lost any weight , but i feel great knowing , i could easily have added up to four pounds in two days, if i was not careful.

Let the loosing continue.


Wambui Muhia

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

7 pounds- gone!

I know i said i will not go to the scales until after three months , but i visited the doctor on Friday so inevitably , i had to have my weight taken .
Initially i promised myself not to look , (yea right who was i kidding). In any case the doctor said my weight out loud- and since i know most people add muscle weight , i was determined not to be bothered by it had it been higher or the same as my start weight  . The scale did not go pas the 180 pounds mark- as it has done for the longest time.
Am slightly below 180 but below 180, is excellent progress and am quite excited.* giving myself a pat on the back*

My start-weight was 186- Seven pounds in slightly over one month , may look low to some people, but if i could keep this up , then am on course to meet my target for the Dec bikini challenge. 7 pounds per month for 6 months =46 pounds.

So the small changes i have been making over the last one month have totally paid off.
I have also mentioned severally how light i feel, and energetic- which is the biggest plus, the weight loss is really a bonus.
My hubby got so inspired by my progress, hes also joining me in the gym from the beginning of the month !(Actually i meant this month so we already gym together).
Now that after photo is really on its way i can smell it already!

Let the loosing continue.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

December bikini challenge !

Two posts in a day - Am tryna make up for the long absence

So we challenged ourselves - me and a few friends * wink wink Mueni , Naomi and Carol* to wear bikinis that we have not worn for two years!
I have  a feeling we killed this idea as soon as we birthed it !
Am re awakening the challenge - and ill even go for shopping for my december bikini today !
It has to be something that would be very uncomfortable to wear now but will fit in perfectly in december .
Will update later on the shopping experience.

The original idea which i think we should stick to for this challenge was to loose 2 kgs per month !
That may sound like an average pace but for me it is very good.
So we have 6 months to go- that means 2 kgs or 4 pounds  every month - without fail if you are over 180 pounds like me , and 1 kg everymonth if your like Carol who is bordering 130 pounds !This will result in 4x6=24..pounds less totals to 156 pounds! SMART goal!

So am inviting other your FAT girl out there ..heard Monique say shes FAT - Fabulous And Thick!
Mueni , Ill be coming to take your photos and your weight on sato! ..and you know i will!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Loving snacking .

I feel sort of sad for not being able to write regularly. I will up my game on this one ,
But i have to give myself a pat on the back, as i have not fallen off going to the gym or the weightloss one.
Its been 5 weeks now , i cant say enough of this - i feel greater than ever ,am very  flexible and i have this positive energy around me ( though my hubby says i talk less ) well , talking much can be very annoying as i have recently discovered . I digress...
I am yet to go to the scales but as  said earlier , that was not going to happen anytime soon .
The results are quite sure - not drastic but most definately , those who havent seen me in a month give me that look ! Am really enjoying the payback !

So i have noticed some days am so hungry , i want to eat the whole world and everything and  in it. Since we had said earlier that we need to fuel our bodies right, then been wondering if this hunger means am punishing my body and so i should just go ahead and ' fuel ' it ..
But i know , bfeeding , hormones involved pmsing ...may tend to exaggerate how hungry i really am .
So i went and searched on how to fuel my body , but with the right things.
Snacking - when driving , behind your desk , on the couch - what comes to mind ? potato crisps , Chevra sausages in whatever form ( chipolatas) and digestive bisquits or cookies .....all this are glazed in fat and therefore could be sabotage to weightloss efforts .

So here are low risk ' snacks' that leave your body energized , and that help along goals.

  • Good old apples.
  • Low fat yogurt or non flavoured natural yogurt
  • Grilled carrot sticks- or you can peel a carrot , cut it into thick stick and place it on a hot pan for 3 minutes . By the way it makes veges taste all yummy .
  • mini sandwich with ham or lowfat cheese
  • Taking lots of water is not snacking but it keeps you feeling fuller for longer , not to mention other benefits to your body and skin.
  • leafy salads with a light cheese topping - this is a great midday snack an hour or two before lunch .
This are just a few snacks and i found that apart from the salad , all the rest take little preparation time and it is easy to carry them to the office and aiding the weightloss goal!
Remember small changes everyday , add up to major changes eventually.
Am amazed at how effortlessly i pick the natural yogurt nowadays and the way i was a sucker for the fruity flavuored ones. Turns out natural yorgurt has 70 calories per 100 mls and the fruity sugary one has 364calories per 100mls. Shocking i know - but you would rather buy natural plain and flavour it yourself!
More on that later !
Let the loosing continue!