Monday, 28 October 2013

Before and After -I Did it !

We started this year with a beautiful challenge- lets just do it ! Cut your hair , dye it , loose some weight - get a boob job, quit employment - ok the last two maybe too extreme - and the boobjob ireversible - But guess what - if theres even a remote chance it'l add joy into my ready to try it.

So anyway - i did stop blogging but not loosing - so lets see how i look in the same dress that stated this - two years later ....
The photo that started me on this journey- May 2011

And now- well not really now this pics are a few months old-
Same LBD as above :-) ( it can stretch quite abit)

Feels strange looking at those two pictures of me - Picture is worth as  many words as will come to your heads.

|Keep loosing - or maintaining - if you achieve your desired weight.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Just do it !!!

Isn't it wonderful what a new year brings excitement for things ahead. One of the most inspiring things i have learnt however is this - that as long as we are willing - it doesn't matter what time of year month week or day it is - we can wake up and start a new journey. All we have to do is take that first step in our mind - whatever course we decide to take - as long as we take steps along this path every single day -soon enough we will get to our destination. Be it in our careers, business , weightloss , or spiritual life.

Id like to share a story which for me is an inspiration for just doing it! A story is told in the bible of lepers who used to sit outside the gates of a city of old. It was a time of great famine in the land, i bet the kind that kills you eventually - not to mention this guys were already leprous.
Their neighboring city had food inplenty but it belonged to their enemies. (Back then all one needed to kill you was not liking you ) .
They analysed their situation and decided it was time ! If they went on with their normal lives ,( begging at the gates for food ) they would surely die as per the current situation. If they went into the city , their enemies would have them killed but there was a small chance they would let them live - and that meant they would have food in plenty .
And they took off! I imagine making this decision was very tough and the actual  journey wasnt easy -think about it - having to walk a long distance on an empty stomach where you risk death ( most leppers have no limbs).

They took off painstakingly and am sure this was one of the hardest things they had ever thought they would ever do ..And when they got to the city - they found their enemies had fled and left all the food and gold and whatever else they probably dreamt of - was there for their taking.

Am guessing this  marked the end of their begging days as they were the first in this desserted city.
I can imagine how glad they were that they took the torturous journey in the first place- even as they considered the options on outcome they had not considered this as one of them!It was a million ways better than what they imagined. I bet they wondered what they had been doing at the city gates all this years :-) and why they had not made this decision sooner .(God had caused the Syrians who lived here to hear loud chariots and a huge army and they therefore fled as they were sure the Israelites had attacked them.

Two lessons i learnt here . First the most definitely our current situation.
 Am sure we are not always confronted with a die or die real life situation - but this is so true with other areas of our lives - and am sure we can relate . So is there something we are looking to do/start this new year ...and are always afraid to start- lets just do it ! Two end results - we succeed and find things are a million times better than we thought they would be , or we fail - and things remain as they are today . I would rather the former ....wouldnt you ?

If you are wondering what this has to do with weight loss -This includes weightloss too ! So off we go and all the best in all our new beginning!

P.S i do hope i can clean out the cobwebs in this blog and keep the fire burning .


I pray this story will inspire you as much as it did me and lets JUST DO IT!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weight plateau remedy!

Hey -everyone - or anyone who still comes to find same old posts. Am ok with just doing one post every half year at this rate . I sort of got to a weightloss plateau where i think my body just got so used to what was going on - loosing weight was not slow and sure anymore.  As i was strolling in the mall bookstore - i stumbled upon a book - and bought it . Long story short its "Atkins for life " and been doing it for two weeks and i love it. I havent been so strict with myself, i even do rice on weekends , but i feel this is something that makes sense to me and i think i can do it for life - and never have to yoyo on my weightloss.

In two weeks i have lost 2 kgs - and this is very significant as i dint exercise and i cheated on weekends- so imagine what would happen if i was actually consistent. So basicaly i get to eat most proteins - apart from deep fried ones , and lots of vegies - i can even have cottage cheese. Its worked perfectly and i have not really strained with it .

Anyhow - i must say it feels good to effortlessly fit into clothes that look way smaller than me . Suddenly i love shopping - and fitting into clothes.

Will keep you posted ( sometime before christmass )

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello everyone!

Turns out life overtook me again- and i have come to accept this as a normal part of life. Am very fine- incase anybody cares and am stil on the wagon - though am not quite sure what part of it i am . I got so busy - with work - household bla bla bla - at some point i totaly couldnt log on as i could not remember my password -SMH and i couldnt stay logged on long enough to retrieve/recover it .
Am however humbled that you stil come to this blog long after the owner deserted it- only to find the same dusty house over and over.
Well a better part of my busyness is well behind me and il let the posts speak for themselves.
Glad to be back - .!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Before and after ....

So i finaly have some courage to unleash some before and after pic.Apparently i discovered today - i was so  happy taking full body photos of me when i was almost 100kgs but i dont do much of that anymore.
Well a pic is worth a 1000 words so enough said! Posting this photos took alot of confidence so dont laugh at me!!
LBD- i felt so hot at this time :-) last year May

Last year April- baby was 3 months

April - last year - and no i wasnt preggers

After embracing - beginning of Jan- 2012

And the weightloss continued and i plan to take a current pic so i can post it on this very page! Im really glad and proud of myself. Looking back ( pic one) i really would rather be my weight right now !
Lets keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing  . XoXo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Still on the wagon ...

Hello anyone - and everyone who still comes to my blog to find nothing....So the posts of me coming back to this blog have long become lame. I really can barely keep up theres so much happening everywhere...Anyhow ill just go past the apology as am sure no one really wants to hear

From wearing a size 18 to a 14- i have to say this is something. Its stil kind of tight around my lower tummy which am working on toning , but this time last year -a size 18 fit exactly the way a size 14 feels today . Am really proud of myself- having come this far - in under one year. 
Todays post may be a bummer but - i Just wanted to let you know am still here - loosing weight - maybe a gramme a day - am now 78 kgs - again ..:-)))))
I love meeting people who havent seen me for the last one year - their reaction is always so rewarding ..did i really look that huge? I guess i did..

as i typed this post
I  need to get pics of me - not from my neck up as i did today on my webcam.
One thing is clear - i enjoy being kilos of fat lighter ...:-) and i miss blogging.

But i came across this tips that have kept me from falling off the wagon..i printed them and stuck them somewhere i can see everyday.
Hope they help you...
  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free drinks- all the time
  • consider what else you should add to your diet ( not reduce) am thinking fruits veges..smoothies..
  • Everytime you are putting something in your mouth - are you really hungry..
  • Indulge in whatever is in season- right now for me its mangos- for bfast lunch and dinner ..
  • Have a protein at every mean 
  • Be physically active .
As you can see - am having a slow day .

Keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing.


Embracing Weightloss

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time to loose more weight!

Ok so i promised this post would come  soon enough- but this is half baked still.
 You cannot control what you cannot measure so i went out and got weighed- so for my indulging in so much barbecue and cake over christmass - am now 81 kgs (SMH).So my agenda today  is to make new goals for the new target period- my goal weight is 65kgs by June - that means i have 6 months to loose 16kgs.That is atleast 2 and a half kgs every month .

Am not even going to fret about that adding weight clearly my body adjusts really fast both ways - and i really did eat lots of holiday goodies. Anyhow now its time to loose weight . I came from 98kgs in March to 78kgs by close of Dec and with a little overfeasting over christmass i set myself back 3kgs ( although in my defence i used a different scale right after lunch and lots of water .. lol).

Serioulsy though am glad am starting off now - and now that i have my goal - seems really doable to me - i want to try and do an actual diet and combine it with excercise. No am not talking about anything extreme like the 13 day diet or such .  But am actually researching on one before i actually decide. Any ideas - i will love to hear - something that i can do for a month so it needs to be doable .

I feel alone in this journey- where all my weightloss pals at ? wink wink you know what happens when you do not consistently  look at what your pals with similar objectives are doing you may fail - and i dont want to fail .

Will tell you my diet soon !


Let the loosing start -Again!