Thursday, 24 November 2011

Healthy week challenge.

Hey Blogsville..
New look i know - kinda like the same old but a little different.Still trying really hard to get used to the new template- well it dint quite work out the way i planned coz am not a techi but, ill settle for the warm colours for now because am a warm hearted :-))).

So this week i have been indulging in healthy eating *( a very good comeback from my October ) and i got to say i love it . Paired with the jogging i have already lost two inches on my tummy ..(yaaaay ) and ive been feeling really great - cant say enough of that. Energy levels at an all time high - is what i enjoy most about the morning jog.
So yesterday a pal/colleague of mine   ( whos also on the roller coaster for weight loss) and i  were discussing healthy living and eating and we gave each other a challenge coz she was of the opinion that eating healthy can really be boring - and i sort of agreed , only that is the mindset i am fighting hard to .

Pantry this weekend
So heres the attitude am trying to have - that fruits in abudance are so so good for me. The more colour i have on my plate , the better for me . That veges are so good for my system and i should have them as 50 % of my food the more the colour - the better. Am hoping by the end of this week , ill do such lunches without having to convince myself - and it will be so effortless . No rules , just be as adventurous as possible - so its not a restrictive diet - bottom line in needs to be a healthy meal. Heres somthing am so doing  next week ,
My lunch today :-)))

So i took up the challenge which hopefully we will start doing from first week of Dec , only well start from Monday and not Wednesday as we dont have to wait. In Nairobi - and Kenya in general the festive season means overeating - overdrinking - and bumming . So this is a very exciting way for me to start the month , not that i plan to do the above.
Eggs for lunch -anyone

So now the challenge is  on ..From Monday - eating , drinking and snacking heatlhy.
This means no junk food - keep to wholegrain cereals/products- no white bread or chapati
No soda- or sugary juice- it has to be fresh made if any, no starving or skipping meals - we have to snack but its going to be all healthy .
This looks better than soda - anyday

So since my colleague and i challenged each other , am not going to give too info because - shell steal all my ideas, ill update as it goes- am loving  the challenge.

Snacks all day

Join us if you can and give us ideas...
Warning - this week may take a lot more preparation time than usual ( considering my current preparation time is asking my house girl to dice some fruits or whip a smoothie ) i need to do most of them myself .
So Carol - the challenge is ON!!!


Monday, 21 November 2011


Hello bloggers....been fearing am slow when it comes to my way around blogsville - and the net at large.
Today's post is a confirmation , i have tried to find my way around not using this generic quite boring themes the one i have( is it a theme?) IDC ...but i clearly need help.
So am so tired of seeing so much green and grass on my blog next time i see that am going to snap my laptop into two ...( errr yea right ).
Anyway , so am in need of tips , how do i change how it looks - am so done with this look ( i said that already )...
how do i make it have a colorful/different  ( free ) are so welcome...and please give me all the info as am so clueless!!

Thanks dearies...

Update- spent the whole day today ( literally ) trying to change the template and it kept giving me an giving up ..i have followed tutorials, downloaded countless of different templates ..still being let down .. il keep trying .. today , :-((((
 Update two ..
Ok so the big change i was looking for did not happen but i just used a regular one i hope you guys wont mind it much ...coz the html one refused tharali...


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Trying to make/break a habit.

See ...told you i was back - two times in a week ?
So turns out i have had such low energy levels the last two months - and the only thing that was different from this week is am now back on excercise. This sounds like a total oxymoron but its true- i stop excersing because i feel tired and laggish and i want to rest , and this knocks me off my routine so i stop going all together and who knows - more rest right? So how do you explain after resting so much i had such low energy levels?
So come this week , ive exersiced three days so far - today morning included i have so much energy and hence the oxymoron - rested and energyless ...or as today - tired yet full of energy.That is why i could not even get time to post- all the while telling myself i was too busy. Looking back , was busy then as i am now so where is this time coming from . You get it i hope...
So  been taking my jog in the evening , but yesterday i was looking forward to one though , i could not  make it   as i was having coffee with a girlfriend till 9 .pm.So this morning i woke up at 6 .am and my mind left me and went for a jog so i had to follow suit.
I felt more energized than i have felt in a long time and just to confirm this , i established that morning exercise is 3 times better than any other time of day .

So today morning i took a jog- well actually it was more of a brisk walk and a few minutes of jogging for like 30 minutes around my block. So since it had rained overnight i did not want to risk going outside my court - and so i had to go round my block 3 times. The morning was not promising to be beautiful as it was gray and foggy but that did not stop this not so little missy :-) .
There is something so refreshing about any morning however gray or rainy so i took it by the horns and hopped walked and jogged around.

Am still trying to build up my resistance meaning i cant jog all the way round which is something like 500 metres, but i love where am going with this.

Haven't bought that Mp3 player yet , it makes it all the while fun -  but since i've been procrastinating going into the city to buy one ,  and since am sure at this point trying to catch my breath will be louder than the player ...ill keep on
So now am dying to get into the habit of doing my jog/run in the morning  , but i read , that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit ,and especially if its a habit you have/never  had all your life

So my new challenge is waking up at 5 everyday and slotting in my me time.

Update on this soon .
Glad to be back


Monday, 14 November 2011

Am back people...

Hi Friends. Its been a while and i gotta say i missed posting , i missed you guys, but what i missed most was loosing weight. Truth is i could not get myself to write for the last two months because i felt i was kinda busy , doing everything else , apart from what this blog is about . So as a result , i actually went out and added two pounds ..( yes you read right).
Now id like to act all frustrated and claim that my efforts for the last two months have not paid off, but i would be lying-. My efforts paid me back - 10 fold , i ate and passed by the gym :-).

I dint renew my gym membership a few weeks back , in favour of swimming , and i actually did keep the swimming up for  a two weeks. Then the weather became so erratic and since its an outdoor pool , i gave it a break , only to realise, the weather wasnt going to change any time soon. Am the kind of person who gets bored with doing anything for a long time - no matter how exciting it is , so i was not ready to go back to the gym yet...As i was exploring what venture to take up next, it was time for a Holiday - so i was in Mombasa for a week , where i indulged in icecream , lattes, black forest...all the things i had been avoiding from May ..and they all landed in my tummy area.

I still want to understand how eating 100 grammes of chocolate  and 250 mls of ice-cream translates into adding a full pound ..what kind of math is that? Anyway , before i knew it , two whole months had passed , and i had actually piled on some pounds. Am not saying i was surprised how things turned out . But good thing is at the back of my head, i knew all along , i had changed my lifestyle and even all the while , id enjoy it while its in my mouth , only to feel my tummy was too full or my face would break out . And so after a a few weeks of totally misbehaving , am glad to say and confirm , i don't miss that life and the weight that comes along with it .
And i miss working out - even if am still not willing to be in the confines of a gym right now. Just this week i went to a college near my house , to pay to use their jogging track - and  i tried it out yesterday .

Am going to buy an Mp4 player to go along with it and am looking for company around my hood ( its so much better when you have a support group.)

Am not proud for having been off for this long - but , i guess i needed to pass that phase ,to re affirm my decision and remind myself why i even strarted this in the first place.

Glad to be back good people.

Would love to hear how you have all been doing  it...