Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summing up some courage.

So my confidence has been building tremendously , i feel like i should even post photos. I was going through my pics yesterday and i noticed i take just my neck upwards SMH.
 If i had noticed earlier what a significant trait that represents , i would have started loosing weight sooner.

Having said that , i know for a fact , that i have lost so much fat mass. I say fat mass , because i am yet to go to the scales to confirm a figure. And the idea was not to run to the scales , as you also add muscle weight.Anyway on saturday i wore a dress that i haven't worn for a month, and there was so much space where the baby pot was positioned.
There is no way to explain the feeling you get , when effort starts paying off!
But looking at this photos- which i had taken as an album for my hair , i can assure you the loss is all over my body .
Am sure you will notice the changes too.

 This was back when i was 190 pounds- yes i had hit that mark!
And someone was lying to me i still looked good? what ?

Just around the time weightloss journey began- 185 pounds..


And now- pounds lighter!

Even with the smile- you can see the cheeks are inches smaller!

I wear 'big' hair often - so the photos are of different times - big hair only dif is color!
My photos are not quality , and they may not show you the whole me- but you get the drill.
I now have a record of the whole me so well be seeing that soon .


Wambui Muhia

Monday, 27 June 2011

Fell off the wagon

The writing wagon - not the loosing weight one!
Having so much to do - sometimes takes away my time to do the things i enjoy- like posting on my progress...BUT , am still very much on track. Just behind posting , and i will update that too.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Weightloss shortcuts !

Shortcuts that could work-NOT
Yesterday I was watching a show on E! I don’t quite recall the  title but  it was about what crazy people are doing worldwide to loose weight! Coming on the heels of the two recently proven, if somewhat questionable, ideas, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the most extreme weight loss plans I could find. 

Top 5 Crazy Ways To Lose Weight
5.     Use The “Blue Diet” To Supercharge Your Weight Loss
The color blue is noted by psychologists for its calming influence.  In addition to being the most popular color for men, it can also promote feelings of sadness, improve productivity, and lower pulse rates.  Curiously enough, the color blue is relatively uncommon in naturally occurring foods.  Researchers believe this may be why it is considered one of the least appetizing colors  All of this combined led someone to propose the idea for the weightloss sun glases ( shades )  I guess looking through the world through azure-colored glasses could help you lose weight…  Supposedly, the colors yellow and red are the most appetizing.  Maybe that’s why meat purchased at the store is dyed red?- yes they dye the nyama at those nakumatt counters -  it dimwit! Bet yuve been wondering why it looks so fresh.

4.The Gum Chewing Weight Loss Plan

Wrigley’s( orbit) is on the ball with this one.  Apparently, researchers have learned that chewing gum not only burns calories, but it also reduces the desire to eat afterward.  In a small study, researchers showed that chewing gum 24/7 would burn 5 kilos a year !  Of course, we needn’t forget that most gum contains sorbitol, which can also have a laxative effect.  This experience shows that regularly consuming 15-20 sticks of gum each day can end badly.  Never mind the increased risk of ulcers and stomach cramps from never giving your digestive tract a break.

3.  The Toes Ring Weight Loss Plan
The idea of using magnets for everything from relieving arthritis pain to weight loss has been around for a long time.  So, the Body Slimming Toe Ring was probably doomed to eventually be introduced.  But, why in the world is it a toe ring?  Who knew?

2.    The Cotton Ball Diet
So am picturing myself going to nakumatt and instead of chevra , i grab a bag of this- lol!
Rumors about famous models engaging in this practice persist in the media.  The practice supposedly involves eating cotton balls, either dry, or dipped in juice.  Obviously they’re filling, right?  After all, its a cotton ball.  Defenders say that, at the very least, they’re high in fiber.  Of course, that’s not the kind of fiber we need.  To survive, that is…

1.      And, the number one crazy way to lose weight…  Swallowing Parasitic Worms. I cant quite picture this so no phoro for this one.
Hard-core dieters in Hong Kong have apparently discovered that parasitic worms are great at inducing weight loss, without the need to eat less.  Turns out the Ascaris worm, a giant intestinal roundworm that can grow to a length of up to 15-inches, just makes the pounds melt away.  Of course, the worm can also induce some of the obvious complications, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and malnutrition.  As an added  bonus, it may also invade other organs, biliary obstruction, and pancreatic damage.  Fortunately, the worms can be killed with medication, but because of their extreme size, may require surgery for removal.Two words- yakity yak!!
Needless to say, authorities are counseling would-be dieters against this strategy, for all the obvious reasons.

So, there you go , the top 5 crazy ways to lose weight.  I’m sure there are some I’ve missed, but you get the point.  There are lots of gimmicks in the weight loss industry.  Some may even work – for the moment.  But most of them are fraught with problems, if not downright dangerous.  There is, of course, a better way to lose weight.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s much safer, and far more likely to last over the long term. Exercise and healthy eating .



Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why i look so hot...

Why do I look so hot and on other days so not?( to myself) Even in the same outfit? .
Which brings me to this story that ive been dying to write- though I have not the slightest idea which angle I should take. We all know someone , a colleague, a sibling , a friend , who walks around like they are the hottest thing in town and they are quite the opposite, and others who go around looking like they have no clue how hot they really are .

Well turns out  there's a thin line between perception  and illusion .
Something interesting to note is how we feel “generally “ affects how we look to ourselves- and even to others.( you look how you feel)  . Similarly feeling bad gives us that look . Am not  suggesting that those people who are always flaunting their hotness every minute of the day are the ones we should emulate- fact is  they really don’t believe they are hot- and they feel that saying it all day , and flaunting it to everyone convinces them how hot they really are .

And by the way - a doc one told me that how we look is useless information for the brain for a normal  person. Allow me to explain- if you are say a standard defination of 'handsome' and i see you, that is the first thing my brain recognizes, but passes it to ' useless information' immediately after 5 seconds. So if for instance am going for a meeting , with a C. E .O ,who is soo handsome, my brain, will actively use the information that he is a C.E.O throughout , but it will soon trash how good he looks- and if you think i made this up - google baibe!!!

Having said that , after a vigorous  workout- the body releases endorphins which in human beings give you a general goodfeeling. This goodfeeling is known to last upto 48 hours so if you work out everyday –your “ feelings of wellbeing” are there throughout- which takes us back to perception. This would mean that , regular excersice improves our body image- to ourselves.

P.s  I have had a lot of progress at they gym- am now very fit. Just yesterday I did the full aerobics session- and steps. I discovered that working out next to the pros is a huge plus- and I have been avoiding their corner because I mix up my moves. From now on will be working out from the pros side- hope no fresher joins me on that side. 
I have managed to keep off the scales and its now been a month . I can already feel it !
for this journey , the joys i experience everyday after a workout - are my success, and the hard work is paying off.



Monday, 20 June 2011

Locker room bullies!

 I have grown up knowing bullies and age are inversely related.Turns out I was wrong .
In the gym we have bullies – who are ladies and one would assume being grandmas and all – that would deter them..I find this interesting –you’d think by the time someone is hitting 40’s  , they should be comfortable in their own skin.

Am talking about the ladies who think they own a particular spots,- in the aerobics studio, and in the bathroom. Heck they even have a treadmill machine just for themselves. In my local (gym) I have noticed two such ladies. If you dare dance near their spot during aerobics, they come and shove you off literally – and don’t you dare mix up your moves near them and therefore confuse them, you may just find yourself on the floor as they try to push you away. Other than suffering from an  inferiority complex that drives you to think that intimidating other people makes you better than them , they also are very smart in workout cloths .(when they change to their day clothes – housgirl mushaino)

I guess if most of us looked like them we would be bullies too!*  I took a pic but i dont wanna be sued so imagine a photo of a shady person here*

 Am not even going to write about how they treat you  when you are new in the gym.

When did it ever hurt to be nice? But am very sure this ladies have deep set issues and they hurt because they are hurting – go for counseling and leave your issues on your work clothes- wear them back on your way out- pwahahaha.

Sorry had to do this – not negative energy for a Monday – actually wrote this on Friday .


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Having breakfast really helps to loose weight!!

No I dint pull this one off my channel handbag * wink wink* research has proven this to be a fact. In layman’s terms , our body metabolism is slowest as we sleep and peaks when we wake up . And if you don’t feed your body when its metabolism is highest, messages are sent to your brain , that you are on low metabolism mode and therefore eventually slows the whole process down .

Metabolism is ongoing – whether we are asleep, walking , or shopping – we need calories to breath . Metabolism is the manager of how this calories are utilized – from activity mode to fast mode. So the worst thing we can do to our bodies – whatever our size , is to make it a habit to skip breakfast . Our body do not function at optimal performance as its on “ save mode”-and this may explain the slagishness we feel.
Most of us have busy schedules , work, avoiding morning rush-hour  etc and therefore find it a waste  of our time .When we talk of  breakfast- what comes to mind is scalding hot tea and bland white bread with a layer of butter- at the best. # Boring ...

This in itself becomes a major reason not to have breakfast on a regular basis.  Breakfast can be very exciting and if we take the time – it will be worth your while and boost your metabolism. And by exciting i do not mean a healthy helping of sausages , bacon eggs and beans all served in a sitting. As someone who is working towards weightloss i have had to look for healthy options.

My most exciting discovery has been Muesli for breakfast .

Muesli is a combination of tasty cereals including wheat germ and oats and the benefits rival aloevera.( more on this later .You can have it different every day – served with juice ,yogurt, milk, and fruity top ups- its very tasty and full of goodies you wouldn’t believe. It has less calories than buttered bread by far- and you dont have to use sugar as it has raisings, and can be snacked on any time .

So  ever heard ‘break fast like a King , Lunch like a queen , and dine like a pauper ‘-  its for the  ‘ fuel burning reason. Enough said.

Ps;  Serious progress on my weightloss- my pot belly has reduced by 5 inches – I feel really great and am drawing closer to the “ middle photo” which I will try and post with my “ before “.


Monday, 13 June 2011

You are fat because youre stupid!

What this site is about:
I have put together a no holds barred, blunt statement about body fat. If you are overweight, you can do two things: 1) Be offended, hit the back button now, and go cry and eat ice cream like a pathetic fatty, or 2) Read on, get smart, and lose weight.

Not scared? Well then, read on... Please note: I am not selling anything on this site.

Fat woman with belly hanging out of her dress

You're fat because you eat too much

Let's just start with that. If you're fat, you're eating too much damn food. Period. It's not your paren't fault for giving you the "fat" gene. It may be their fault that they made you like food so much, but for once in your fat life let's stop blaming other people, OK?
But I can hear you whining already, like you always do. You don't *really* eat much, right? You might even go so far as to say "But, I only eat salad". Yes, I've heard that before. SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU FAT LIAR!! Guess what, "salad" didn't come inside those Big Mac wrappers in your back seat. All 25 of them. You fucking lying piece of shit, you eat a salad in front of everyone when you go out to lunch and act like you're eating healthy then you go home and down a quart of ice cream after your fried chicken.
If this relationship is going to work, you need to be truthful to not only me, but yourself. Look in the mirror right now and say, "I am a big fatbody because I eat too much damn food." There. Now we can move on.

You're fat because you want to be

Yes, you want to be fat. If I woke up tomorrow suddently as fat as you, what do you think my reaction would be? Do you think I would say "Aww, wahh I'm fat, I sure wish I could lose weight" and then go eat three Big Macs and a diet Coke? You bet your fat ass I wouldn't, I would be working like hell to get rid of the disgusting fat. I guarantee you that if through some weird science experiment my brain was placed in your fat fucking body I would be fit and running a marathon within a year.
But you, no, you're doing nothing, are you? Your "salad" for lunch and diet Coke with your fried chicken is all for show. They require no effort. Yet you want credit for it, don't you? And you want people to think "Well damn, that fat fucker must be fat because of their unfortunate genes, I saw them drink Diet Coke yet they're still fat!! That's too bad." But nobody thinks that, everyone knows why you've got more rolls than a sushi restaurant.

The slim people around you didn't get "lucky"

This is actually something I find extremely offensive, when fat people chide me for watching my diet. "Oh, you don't have to worry about your weight!" they'll say to me if I turn down sweets or extra portions. Guess what you fucking fatty, I'm not fat BECAUSE I "worry about my weight". I ran 20 miles this week. I made a healthy lunch and brought it to work every day. What did you do? Oh, you sat on your ass and stuffed your mouth full of food, that's right. And then you have the nerve to tell me that I'm fit because I got lucky.
When my bodyfat percent goes up a couple percentage points I adjust my diet. That way I always stay where I want to be. It's like balancing your checkbook. If you just write checks willy nilly you're going to overdraw your account. You're doing the same thing by paying no attention to how much weight you're packing on while eating whatever you want. Don't fuck yourself up by your own doing then discount my own hard work. It's insulting.

You're fat because you don't exercise

Yes, the human body was meant to move. Sitting on your ass all day isn't helping matters. Don't give me any crap about "But! I don't want to kill myself at the gym!" Oh I see. Would you like to go hiking? Biking? Skiing? Play sports? Or would that kill you too? If so, you're going to die on the couch. Living life like our bodies intended isn't making the rest of us fall down and croak.
ThighMaster product image

You're fat because you want a shortcut

Did you ever buy any "workout" equipment advertised on late night TV? How about miracle diet pills? Got a ThighMaster in your closet? Or some stupid little gizmo that's supposed to help you do crunches and tone your abs? You do? You know why you have that? Because you're a FUCKING idiot, that's why!!!
Because you're afraid of hard work and actual self-dicipline, you tried the easy way out, and made someone else richer because of it. None of that crap works, but it's easy to sell. Why? Because stupid people buy that shit. And who are they marketing to? Fat asses. And why are they fat asses? Because they're stupid. Case closed. You fatties buy the stupidest stuff, your heads must be shoved deep inside your fat asses. Stop buying stupid shit!!!

It's not your thyroid

Do you know how many fat people have a thyroid problem? Less than 1%. Unless you've gone to the doctor and he told you that you have a thyroid problem then the problem is not your thyroid, it's your hands shoveling food into your fat fucking mouth, that's what the problem is.
If the problem is your thyroid, then your doctor will treat it and it will no longer be an excuse anyway.
X-Ray Image of a fat and skinny person

You are NOT "Big Boned"

Are you fucking kidding me? Is there some relationship between the bones inside your body and the fat rolls on the outside? No there isn't. The fact that I can't tell where your neck ends and your face begins is because of fat, not "big bones". You don't have bones over your abdomen, you have fat rolls. Seriously, can you even feel any of your bones?
Look at the xray pictures on the right. Does the fat person have big bones? No, they fucking don't. They have fat. I've even heard some fatties say they have "thick skin". Are you really that stupid? Skin isn't three inches thick.
Oh wait, your argument is that your "big frame" naturally has large muscles on top of those big bones, so you'll never be able to be as thin as those "rail thin models", right? This is an interesting mental problem with fatties. "If I can't be *that* thin, I'll just be REALLY fat instead!!" Does that make any fucking sense at all??
Guess what, no matter how much lean body mass you have, you'll still look good without fat covering it. Even if you really do have more bone and muscle, it in no way causes you to carry more fat. If this were true bodybuilding would be impossible because all those men and women (many of them "big boned", as those people can build more muscle mass) would be big fatasses.

You don't have "curves"

"I have curves!" No, you fucking don't!! Fat rolls do not equal "curves". A woman with curves has nice lines that taper down to a slim waist, hips that curve out nicely and shapely legs. Just because you have a big wide ass doesn't mean you have "curves", especially if you look like the Michelin Man. If your gut is hanging over your belt, that's not a "curve", that's disgusting.

So, now that we've got that out of the way, what do you do about it?

The art of Self- consoling .

Am writing todays post with a pinch of salt.
I have noticed ( with much concern) that everytime in the gym i notice someone who looks even grammes
heavier than me , i gloat. I look at them i imagine what sort of advise i should give them , or shortcuts to how they can loose weight .I was taken aback by my queer behaviour , but i soon discovered thats sort of how all ladies are-especially at the gym

So that has obviously meant am on the receiving end for a lot of them , and they go ahead and offer their advice, on various things like...how long i should work out , what i should avoid....where i should concentrate on , which trainer does what best ..etc etc .Its really nice they want to help out , and they give me success stories that give me so much hope. But this weekend , i got an incidence where someone who i must say works out in a very lazy way- and from a reliable source they have been working out for long but inconsistently , gave me advise , -i have the right to be annoyed!!

I do not know if its a case of perception , or where shes coming from but, i know better than to offer my advise in-case someones sees me the way i saw this lady . A good analogy comes to mind-  its like a person with sisal hair on their head( picture matted sisal dyed black) giving me advice on how best to maintain my weave( picture my almost always perfect highest quality human hair) * snickering like a man *

Lucky for me i havent advised anyone , but on the other hand , i guess seeing or knowing someone "weightier" than us , makes us feel so much better.Lets stop clustering ourselves with who we do not want to be - but with who we want to be . This reminds me - a number one rat - is still a rat !

Be consoled - but dont take that advise too seriously nor slacken on your workouts!

Let achieving goals console you!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Some serious inspiration!

Dont keep your hopes up high- sio mimi!
Buut an inspiring story none the less!
After yesterdays article , a few bloggers emailed me to say the " celebrity weightloss " article was good but crap-
Crap because those celebs are in far away countries ...blah blah blah.

In my defense i was building on today's story. You start global then you go local.
So here goes a lady i personally know , and she inspires me everyday .

I have known June for a while now and were it not for her " before " photos . I always thought shes always been petite. She goes to prove that it just takes determination and shortcuts just wont cut it .
She got a lot of progress in 7 months - which looks like a long time  to us now  ,  buut it has been proven and tested to be long and permanent .Furthermore those who have children know its really a blink in the eye.

She is my fitness consultant (not for free) though we get to take advantage here for free and learn quite alot from her.
Heres what June had to say ...( i dint want to loose much info so i dint edit )

Again pictures telling stories...

 I let June do the speaking ...( she had already lost weight on this photo)


On that photo i had already lost so much weight ( yes) I was 67kgs - after loosing 20+ you do the math , I had worked out so hard for that wedding, I was the youngest yet the biggest in the line up. I had tried loosing weight in the past and it wasn’t just working hence got to the shell of ‘ I love my African curves, yet inside I didn’t like it one bit’

I attribute my weight loss to my brother:  I knew I was big and that made me look older than my age mates. I was a target for the over 40s in terms of men and felt that they looked at me with lust and nothing more. One evening my brother looked at me walking towards home and remarked ‘ What? You are so fat , round and short. You look like a mother of 17..........................’ That hurt me so bad but didn’t show a sign. The following morning a pervert followed me kept talking about my big tush as I walked. He would increase and slow his pace with me and throw the comments......Thats the day I said something had to be done.... The man in my life then was very nice and supportive but clearly wasn’t comfortable with the weight and would avoid the topic. Whenever we were together once or twice I would catch him drooling at the petite size women and it would hurt me so bad. I told myself that, I will get there whichever way, be it pills, diets, gym or whichever means .....

The start was not easy at all. I went to the gym for two months and added 5 kgs. I quit and started short cuts, I tried figure in , and Chinese herbs and really had the morning diarrhoea but that too , didn’t help me. I did various diets , lost 2 -3 kgs and gained it back in week. My friends were not so supportive too, they were not as big hence didn’t know what I was feeling. I told myself that I was gonna make it someday , even if it lasted a day I would be glad. That determination paid off. I hit the gym and I have never looked back. It calls for LOTS of patience to notice the change, I reduced my portions and really watched what I ate. I included jogging in my routine , In 7 months I was size 16 and 67 Kgs.....  Felt great and more so when people notice and speak of it.

Currently am 49 – 51 Kgs, and I love myself to the bone. I can wear anything and get away with it. I still have the same man and we are happily married and going strong. He is the fat one now, lol!  My daughter is very positive and proud of me and life is worth much more than I ever imagined. I now know what works for my body and am not scared to getting back coz I know the two sides and will ensure that I remain petite for life. Gym is a lifestyle and hence I wont stop till I drop.

Me now...
Drums roll...

My advice is, please set your target and work towards it. It doesn’t come easy, WORK HARD at the gym and you will reap the benefits. Be patient and avoid the scale too often coz that will bog u down. Most of us go to the gym but don’t work out, we do half moves and don’t push ourselves hard hence we run away and say it doesn’t work. I have tested and I know it works. Dont listen to others coz you know best what you wanna look like. Establish your figure type and work to make the best out of it. There will be many schools of thought that will throw you off balance but keep to the target. Enjoy your workout and please invite me to your gym pls.."

Wow - and get this ladies- she refused with her original before where she was 97kgs-
Bottom line- make it a lifestyle and it sticks to you like your skin.
Am so inspired hope you are too!
And here is the lovely lady once more..


Celebrity Weightloss.

Love em or hate them - we all *Recoconize * ( with an Atwoli accent )them.
Seriously though , we all ohhhh and ahhhh at their public lives and weight-loss is huge business for a few- Like
Oprah who invents and re-invents herself through her weight-gain/loss -no offense to Oprah,
Weight-gain is also a no no for some celebrities -as it marks the end of the beginning of their end of careers.

Am not here to talk about the ones who have added weight - am sure we would learn valuable lessons , but am afraid that is one thing we need not be inspired to do  ..helloooo...* looking at my self up and down*

So here are just a few stories...

Ok Maybe its the little black dress..

Another little black dress....i think not

This Little Black dress thingi is purely coincidental- but- Monique looks nice big- Just like i do- but even better when kilos lighter - my point exactly .

And my favourite...

Jennifer Hudson- my favourite!

A picture is worth a thousand words .
Enough said .

Monday, 6 June 2011

Does his opinion count?

The 'he' here refers to the lovely man in my life.... -hubby . Chances are i have a fresh recollection of how i looked when we met , and therefore i have a good idea of how he views me right now.Clearly i have added almost 20kgs.The question is not whether he loves me less- with all the sag and butt wag, am sure he loves me as much as he says he does. Rather the issue here is how much does he (really ) like/mind my weightgain?

I know i keep asking him " baby how do i look in this" but if he were to tell me the truth as he sees it - i think that would be a" one way Never return ticket to Hell. :-)"
So ladies why do we ask ? such questions - Have i added weight ? et al when we know the answers to those questions and we would go for his neck if he gave his honest opinion?

Am wondering loudly why we do it - seems most men fall victim to this question . Why do we really  ask for an opinion AND are not be willing to hear the answer . He knows this and his answer to " do i look huge in this" is always - " bby are you kidding ? you look hotter than ever ' or " you are forever going ....bla bla bla"

Most of the time we ladies have the answers in our heads so it beats the guys why we ever ask. Although i know there are a few fellows who are bold enough to sugar coat it "thats a perfect weight but dont add a gramme",translation - eee you are on the verge of going overboard or " hey am feeding you well" translation - uuhmm you been eating for three ...etc
Well am pretty sure we know the answers to those questions and our own honest answer is all we need.
It would be a bonus if my hubby loves the way i look , but as long as i love the way i look , then everyone is happy .

So if you feel you wanna loose some pounds , save the fella the trouble , and answer your own rhetorical  questions.And do something about your weight if you think you need to .
My motivation should be intrinsic, although i must say theres a thin line between asking and being incessant . Which God help me i hope am not being , where everybody around hubby included may be thinking .. oook so youre going to the gym , kudos but the sun is still yellow and the sky is still blue so GETOVER IT!!!

PS- I was looking for weightloss buddies- will share on that soon - i have three already.
Still going to the gym and so far i am so fit and loving the results.

Friday, 3 June 2011

My Diet dilemma

No am not talking about a diet diet ...i mean my normal diet like what i eat day to day.
I made a point to eat healthy , and so far , i have reduced my carbohydrates portions to a a third of my food- not so good i know, but as i  said am looking at sustainability, changing my lifestyle in a way that is permanent.

I have tried a some sick diets twice in my life- well lets just say for the results i want to achieve , that method wont cut it for now.
I also have to keep in mind that am on Morbid obesity -i would hate to be forty and still saying the same things am saying now and then trying to loose health so i can manage all the diseases ill have by then ..that is where i was headed- but i already changed my path . So healthy 30s and 40s see you in a a few years :-)
It is indeed true the older we get the harder it becomes but it does not mean that if you were to find yourself 50 and overweight , that you should just give up .

I must say eating healthy for a couple of days and just keeping away from the fizzy drinks like sodas and juice makes an amazing difference- at-least in how i feel.But the opposite is true.
We had a public holiday , i did a little junking and i feel like i stuffed a whole cooking oil tub into my gut.Back to the healthy eating band wagon. Am looking at doing away with sugar in the upcoming week , and replacing it with honey.

Am also already feeling my sagging tummy tightening ( a baby does leave alot of tummy sag)
My trainer says we will weigh me after three months...whaaat?
That sounds like its ages from now and am not seeing how that is going to happen, though am trying to follow all the rules so am not saying ill break this one.

The best thing about the journey i have decided to take is that i have accepted a few things,
  • I am not comfortable with how i look , and i can do something to get where i want
  • Changing my lifestyle is difficult but very possible and can be done
  • I added it all up in four years  and for this reason , its not going to all fall off overnight.
I have also made SMART goals on my weight loss and i believe in myself- and those who love me are also on board with this so nothing stops me .
Am however looking for ladies with whom we can share this journey and we can do it together.
Research has proven that if you have goals and a support group , it increases the chances of your success in achieving by 50%.

Let the loosing continue!!