Monday, 13 June 2011

The art of Self- consoling .

Am writing todays post with a pinch of salt.
I have noticed ( with much concern) that everytime in the gym i notice someone who looks even grammes
heavier than me , i gloat. I look at them i imagine what sort of advise i should give them , or shortcuts to how they can loose weight .I was taken aback by my queer behaviour , but i soon discovered thats sort of how all ladies are-especially at the gym

So that has obviously meant am on the receiving end for a lot of them , and they go ahead and offer their advice, on various things long i should work out , what i should avoid....where i should concentrate on , which trainer does what best ..etc etc .Its really nice they want to help out , and they give me success stories that give me so much hope. But this weekend , i got an incidence where someone who i must say works out in a very lazy way- and from a reliable source they have been working out for long but inconsistently , gave me advise , -i have the right to be annoyed!!

I do not know if its a case of perception , or where shes coming from but, i know better than to offer my advise in-case someones sees me the way i saw this lady . A good analogy comes to mind-  its like a person with sisal hair on their head( picture matted sisal dyed black) giving me advice on how best to maintain my weave( picture my almost always perfect highest quality human hair) * snickering like a man *

Lucky for me i havent advised anyone , but on the other hand , i guess seeing or knowing someone "weightier" than us , makes us feel so much better.Lets stop clustering ourselves with who we do not want to be - but with who we want to be . This reminds me - a number one rat - is still a rat !

Be consoled - but dont take that advise too seriously nor slacken on your workouts!

Let achieving goals console you!

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