Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weight plateau remedy!

Hey -everyone - or anyone who still comes to find same old posts. Am ok with just doing one post every half year at this rate . I sort of got to a weightloss plateau where i think my body just got so used to what was going on - loosing weight was not slow and sure anymore.  As i was strolling in the mall bookstore - i stumbled upon a book - and bought it . Long story short its "Atkins for life " and been doing it for two weeks and i love it. I havent been so strict with myself, i even do rice on weekends , but i feel this is something that makes sense to me and i think i can do it for life - and never have to yoyo on my weightloss.

In two weeks i have lost 2 kgs - and this is very significant as i dint exercise and i cheated on weekends- so imagine what would happen if i was actually consistent. So basicaly i get to eat most proteins - apart from deep fried ones , and lots of vegies - i can even have cottage cheese. Its worked perfectly and i have not really strained with it .

Anyhow - i must say it feels good to effortlessly fit into clothes that look way smaller than me . Suddenly i love shopping - and fitting into clothes.

Will keep you posted ( sometime before christmass )

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello everyone!

Turns out life overtook me again- and i have come to accept this as a normal part of life. Am very fine- incase anybody cares and am stil on the wagon - though am not quite sure what part of it i am . I got so busy - with work - household bla bla bla - at some point i totaly couldnt log on as i could not remember my password -SMH and i couldnt stay logged on long enough to retrieve/recover it .
Am however humbled that you stil come to this blog long after the owner deserted it- only to find the same dusty house over and over.
Well a better part of my busyness is well behind me and il let the posts speak for themselves.
Glad to be back - .!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Before and after ....

So i finaly have some courage to unleash some before and after pic.Apparently i discovered today - i was so  happy taking full body photos of me when i was almost 100kgs but i dont do much of that anymore.
Well a pic is worth a 1000 words so enough said! Posting this photos took alot of confidence so dont laugh at me!!
LBD- i felt so hot at this time :-) last year May

Last year April- baby was 3 months

April - last year - and no i wasnt preggers

After embracing - beginning of Jan- 2012

And the weightloss continued and i plan to take a current pic so i can post it on this very page! Im really glad and proud of myself. Looking back ( pic one) i really would rather be my weight right now !
Lets keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing  . XoXo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Still on the wagon ...

Hello anyone - and everyone who still comes to my blog to find nothing....So the posts of me coming back to this blog have long become lame. I really can barely keep up theres so much happening everywhere...Anyhow ill just go past the apology as am sure no one really wants to hear it..lol.

From wearing a size 18 to a 14- i have to say this is something. Its stil kind of tight around my lower tummy which am working on toning , but this time last year -a size 18 fit exactly the way a size 14 feels today . Am really proud of myself- having come this far - in under one year. 
Todays post may be a bummer but - i Just wanted to let you know am still here - loosing weight - maybe a gramme a day - am now 78 kgs - again ..:-)))))
I love meeting people who havent seen me for the last one year - their reaction is always so rewarding ..did i really look that huge? I guess i did..

as i typed this post
I  need to get pics of me - not from my neck up as i did today on my webcam.
One thing is clear - i enjoy being kilos of fat lighter ...:-) and i miss blogging.

But i came across this tips that have kept me from falling off the wagon..i printed them and stuck them somewhere i can see everyday.
Hope they help you...
  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free drinks- all the time
  • consider what else you should add to your diet ( not reduce) am thinking fruits veges..smoothies..
  • Everytime you are putting something in your mouth - are you really hungry..
  • Indulge in whatever is in season- right now for me its mangos- for bfast lunch and dinner ..
  • Have a protein at every mean 
  • Be physically active .
As you can see - am having a slow day .

Keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing.


Embracing Weightloss

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time to loose more weight!

Ok so i promised this post would come  soon enough- but this is half baked still.
 You cannot control what you cannot measure so i went out and got weighed- so for my indulging in so much barbecue and cake over christmass - am now 81 kgs (SMH).So my agenda today  is to make new goals for the new target period- my goal weight is 65kgs by June - that means i have 6 months to loose 16kgs.That is atleast 2 and a half kgs every month .

Am not even going to fret about that adding weight clearly my body adjusts really fast both ways - and i really did eat lots of holiday goodies. Anyhow now its time to loose weight . I came from 98kgs in March to 78kgs by close of Dec and with a little overfeasting over christmass i set myself back 3kgs ( although in my defence i used a different scale right after lunch and lots of water .. lol).

Serioulsy though am glad am starting off now - and now that i have my goal - seems really doable to me - i want to try and do an actual diet and combine it with excercise. No am not talking about anything extreme like the 13 day diet or such .  But am actually researching on one before i actually decide. Any ideas - i will love to hear - something that i can do for a month so it needs to be doable .

I feel alone in this journey- where all my weightloss pals at ? wink wink you know what happens when you do not consistently  look at what your pals with similar objectives are doing you may fail - and i dont want to fail .

Will tell you my diet soon !


Let the loosing start -Again!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lovely new year !

Hello blogsville!Am thanking God in Heaven for having gifted us with a new year with so much goodness and mercies following us all the way !
Heres to hopping you had a wonderful holiday celebration and you are now ready to loose the weight you added over the last few weeks! :-)
There is something so hopeful, fresh and exciting about the new year, but before we go there - let me say i looked back today and am really glad i started blogging/loosing last year sometime in May.
I was really scared at the time because i sort of felt like what if i failed , and i had sort of posted my story up on a tree for the anyone to see ...
However so what...if i would have tried and failed miserably huh? why are we always scared of how people will take anything ? as if those people do not have enough problems of their own to worry about -
So if this has taught me anything it is this- if i want to do something , i just get up and go on and do it . If i fail ..well i tried if i succeed , yaaaay to me ! I wont second guess myself !
Looking back at the photo that broke the camels back , i am glad that by the close of the year , even after loosing focus at some point , i lost a healthy number of pounds from 185 pounds to 156 pounds.
Over Christmas , i let loose so am sure am not sure what weight am at right now but its a lovely new beginning for me!
I saw this statement somewhere and it really resonated with me " Next year this time round you will wish you started TODAY"....well am not planning to wish but to be glad so i have a new target for 6 months - which i will be sharing tomorrow as soon as i weigh myself.

My 30th birthday is in a few weeks and as much as i have been terrified about turning three oohh..well am glad i am where i am - i have God in my life , a loving husband, two wonderful  kids later, a job i love - i really am greatly blessed  and i give  thanks to God!
Will post soon on my progress and plans!
Hugs and smooches !