Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why i look so hot...

Why do I look so hot and on other days so not?( to myself) Even in the same outfit? .
Which brings me to this story that ive been dying to write- though I have not the slightest idea which angle I should take. We all know someone , a colleague, a sibling , a friend , who walks around like they are the hottest thing in town and they are quite the opposite, and others who go around looking like they have no clue how hot they really are .

Well turns out  there's a thin line between perception  and illusion .
Something interesting to note is how we feel “generally “ affects how we look to ourselves- and even to others.( you look how you feel)  . Similarly feeling bad gives us that look . Am not  suggesting that those people who are always flaunting their hotness every minute of the day are the ones we should emulate- fact is  they really don’t believe they are hot- and they feel that saying it all day , and flaunting it to everyone convinces them how hot they really are .

And by the way - a doc one told me that how we look is useless information for the brain for a normal  person. Allow me to explain- if you are say a standard defination of 'handsome' and i see you, that is the first thing my brain recognizes, but passes it to ' useless information' immediately after 5 seconds. So if for instance am going for a meeting , with a C. E .O ,who is soo handsome, my brain, will actively use the information that he is a C.E.O throughout , but it will soon trash how good he looks- and if you think i made this up - google baibe!!!

Having said that , after a vigorous  workout- the body releases endorphins which in human beings give you a general goodfeeling. This goodfeeling is known to last upto 48 hours so if you work out everyday –your “ feelings of wellbeing” are there throughout- which takes us back to perception. This would mean that , regular excersice improves our body image- to ourselves.

P.s  I have had a lot of progress at they gym- am now very fit. Just yesterday I did the full aerobics session- and steps. I discovered that working out next to the pros is a huge plus- and I have been avoiding their corner because I mix up my moves. From now on will be working out from the pros side- hope no fresher joins me on that side. 
I have managed to keep off the scales and its now been a month . I can already feel it !
for this journey , the joys i experience everyday after a workout - are my success, and the hard work is paying off.



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