Monday, 20 June 2011

Locker room bullies!

 I have grown up knowing bullies and age are inversely related.Turns out I was wrong .
In the gym we have bullies – who are ladies and one would assume being grandmas and all – that would deter them..I find this interesting –you’d think by the time someone is hitting 40’s  , they should be comfortable in their own skin.

Am talking about the ladies who think they own a particular spots,- in the aerobics studio, and in the bathroom. Heck they even have a treadmill machine just for themselves. In my local (gym) I have noticed two such ladies. If you dare dance near their spot during aerobics, they come and shove you off literally – and don’t you dare mix up your moves near them and therefore confuse them, you may just find yourself on the floor as they try to push you away. Other than suffering from an  inferiority complex that drives you to think that intimidating other people makes you better than them , they also are very smart in workout cloths .(when they change to their day clothes – housgirl mushaino)

I guess if most of us looked like them we would be bullies too!*  I took a pic but i dont wanna be sued so imagine a photo of a shady person here*

 Am not even going to write about how they treat you  when you are new in the gym.

When did it ever hurt to be nice? But am very sure this ladies have deep set issues and they hurt because they are hurting – go for counseling and leave your issues on your work clothes- wear them back on your way out- pwahahaha.

Sorry had to do this – not negative energy for a Monday – actually wrote this on Friday .


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