Saturday, 25 February 2012

Still on the wagon ...

Hello anyone - and everyone who still comes to my blog to find nothing....So the posts of me coming back to this blog have long become lame. I really can barely keep up theres so much happening everywhere...Anyhow ill just go past the apology as am sure no one really wants to hear

From wearing a size 18 to a 14- i have to say this is something. Its stil kind of tight around my lower tummy which am working on toning , but this time last year -a size 18 fit exactly the way a size 14 feels today . Am really proud of myself- having come this far - in under one year. 
Todays post may be a bummer but - i Just wanted to let you know am still here - loosing weight - maybe a gramme a day - am now 78 kgs - again ..:-)))))
I love meeting people who havent seen me for the last one year - their reaction is always so rewarding ..did i really look that huge? I guess i did..

as i typed this post
I  need to get pics of me - not from my neck up as i did today on my webcam.
One thing is clear - i enjoy being kilos of fat lighter ...:-) and i miss blogging.

But i came across this tips that have kept me from falling off the wagon..i printed them and stuck them somewhere i can see everyday.
Hope they help you...
  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free drinks- all the time
  • consider what else you should add to your diet ( not reduce) am thinking fruits veges..smoothies..
  • Everytime you are putting something in your mouth - are you really hungry..
  • Indulge in whatever is in season- right now for me its mangos- for bfast lunch and dinner ..
  • Have a protein at every mean 
  • Be physically active .
As you can see - am having a slow day .

Keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing.


Embracing Weightloss