Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fell off the wagon- again !

Hey dearies!
Am really shocked am writing such a post again.
Thing is i have had such a busy October - as busy as they get and as a result, am yet to post anything .
I wont even lie and say i have been keeping up with the weightloss goals- as i have been too busy for my self.
Am really sorry for letting us all down but guess what - am still here.
I walk around with belted up skiny jeans as my jeans wont fit my waist anymore - and ill fitting coats and tops - who knew loosing weight has such serious down sides?
Am not too sure we are still on track for Bikini challenge for December .Just last week , was going for swimming every single day - as ive switched from the gym- only for the weather to change drastically this weeks - and i hadnt renewed my gym membership for this month-so i can swim>>

Anyhow - its like i have 12 hours in a day - and i have so much to do .
Miss you lots - and will be doing a post tomorrow -hopefully on swimming .


Wambui Muhia