Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Having breakfast really helps to loose weight!!

No I dint pull this one off my channel handbag * wink wink* research has proven this to be a fact. In layman’s terms , our body metabolism is slowest as we sleep and peaks when we wake up . And if you don’t feed your body when its metabolism is highest, messages are sent to your brain , that you are on low metabolism mode and therefore eventually slows the whole process down .

Metabolism is ongoing – whether we are asleep, walking , or shopping – we need calories to breath . Metabolism is the manager of how this calories are utilized – from activity mode to fast mode. So the worst thing we can do to our bodies – whatever our size , is to make it a habit to skip breakfast . Our body do not function at optimal performance as its on “ save mode”-and this may explain the slagishness we feel.
Most of us have busy schedules , work, avoiding morning rush-hour  etc and therefore find it a waste  of our time .When we talk of  breakfast- what comes to mind is scalding hot tea and bland white bread with a layer of butter- at the best. # Boring ...

This in itself becomes a major reason not to have breakfast on a regular basis.  Breakfast can be very exciting and if we take the time – it will be worth your while and boost your metabolism. And by exciting i do not mean a healthy helping of sausages , bacon eggs and beans all served in a sitting. As someone who is working towards weightloss i have had to look for healthy options.

My most exciting discovery has been Muesli for breakfast .

Muesli is a combination of tasty cereals including wheat germ and oats and the benefits rival aloevera.( more on this later .You can have it different every day – served with juice ,yogurt, milk, and fruity top ups- its very tasty and full of goodies you wouldn’t believe. It has less calories than buttered bread by far- and you dont have to use sugar as it has raisings, and can be snacked on any time .

So  ever heard ‘break fast like a King , Lunch like a queen , and dine like a pauper ‘-  its for the  ‘ fuel burning reason. Enough said.

Ps;  Serious progress on my weightloss- my pot belly has reduced by 5 inches – I feel really great and am drawing closer to the “ middle photo” which I will try and post with my “ before “.


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