Thursday, 9 June 2011

Some serious inspiration!

Dont keep your hopes up high- sio mimi!
Buut an inspiring story none the less!
After yesterdays article , a few bloggers emailed me to say the " celebrity weightloss " article was good but crap-
Crap because those celebs are in far away countries ...blah blah blah.

In my defense i was building on today's story. You start global then you go local.
So here goes a lady i personally know , and she inspires me everyday .

I have known June for a while now and were it not for her " before " photos . I always thought shes always been petite. She goes to prove that it just takes determination and shortcuts just wont cut it .
She got a lot of progress in 7 months - which looks like a long time  to us now  ,  buut it has been proven and tested to be long and permanent .Furthermore those who have children know its really a blink in the eye.

She is my fitness consultant (not for free) though we get to take advantage here for free and learn quite alot from her.
Heres what June had to say ...( i dint want to loose much info so i dint edit )

Again pictures telling stories...

 I let June do the speaking ...( she had already lost weight on this photo)


On that photo i had already lost so much weight ( yes) I was 67kgs - after loosing 20+ you do the math , I had worked out so hard for that wedding, I was the youngest yet the biggest in the line up. I had tried loosing weight in the past and it wasn’t just working hence got to the shell of ‘ I love my African curves, yet inside I didn’t like it one bit’

I attribute my weight loss to my brother:  I knew I was big and that made me look older than my age mates. I was a target for the over 40s in terms of men and felt that they looked at me with lust and nothing more. One evening my brother looked at me walking towards home and remarked ‘ What? You are so fat , round and short. You look like a mother of 17..........................’ That hurt me so bad but didn’t show a sign. The following morning a pervert followed me kept talking about my big tush as I walked. He would increase and slow his pace with me and throw the comments......Thats the day I said something had to be done.... The man in my life then was very nice and supportive but clearly wasn’t comfortable with the weight and would avoid the topic. Whenever we were together once or twice I would catch him drooling at the petite size women and it would hurt me so bad. I told myself that, I will get there whichever way, be it pills, diets, gym or whichever means .....

The start was not easy at all. I went to the gym for two months and added 5 kgs. I quit and started short cuts, I tried figure in , and Chinese herbs and really had the morning diarrhoea but that too , didn’t help me. I did various diets , lost 2 -3 kgs and gained it back in week. My friends were not so supportive too, they were not as big hence didn’t know what I was feeling. I told myself that I was gonna make it someday , even if it lasted a day I would be glad. That determination paid off. I hit the gym and I have never looked back. It calls for LOTS of patience to notice the change, I reduced my portions and really watched what I ate. I included jogging in my routine , In 7 months I was size 16 and 67 Kgs.....  Felt great and more so when people notice and speak of it.

Currently am 49 – 51 Kgs, and I love myself to the bone. I can wear anything and get away with it. I still have the same man and we are happily married and going strong. He is the fat one now, lol!  My daughter is very positive and proud of me and life is worth much more than I ever imagined. I now know what works for my body and am not scared to getting back coz I know the two sides and will ensure that I remain petite for life. Gym is a lifestyle and hence I wont stop till I drop.

Me now...
Drums roll...

My advice is, please set your target and work towards it. It doesn’t come easy, WORK HARD at the gym and you will reap the benefits. Be patient and avoid the scale too often coz that will bog u down. Most of us go to the gym but don’t work out, we do half moves and don’t push ourselves hard hence we run away and say it doesn’t work. I have tested and I know it works. Dont listen to others coz you know best what you wanna look like. Establish your figure type and work to make the best out of it. There will be many schools of thought that will throw you off balance but keep to the target. Enjoy your workout and please invite me to your gym pls.."

Wow - and get this ladies- she refused with her original before where she was 97kgs-
Bottom line- make it a lifestyle and it sticks to you like your skin.
Am so inspired hope you are too!
And here is the lovely lady once more..



  1. What do I say! What do I say now???!!!! OMG!!! Lovely! That is where I wanna get to! That is just it!

    ...this takes me back! Way back to when I was at the university! I was small! I remember everyday in the evening joining a team of men who used to play basket ball! EVERY DAY! And more often than not, I was the only lady! Then I finished college and got a good job, that right there was the birth of a different life style! The last Bball ball I owned disappeared after college! Am not sure if I left it in campus or I gave someone. I was one fit women. Things have changes now; my bone would break at the slightest stretch!!!

    Thanks June for the motivation. I read the post from top to bottom and did not rush to see the after photo! When I looked at the before photo I thot to myself! OOOH PLIZ! SHE IS A SMALL ALREADY! And concluded! I BET THIS IS THE AFTER! I read all the way down and OOOOHHH Mmmmmy God! That indeed was the after photo and I could now see the difference! The after photo will sooo be me. ....7 months?? We are in June now, (just like your name) and for me seven months doing something are better than seating back and complaining that nothing works! In 7 months I will be smaller than what I am now. May be not to size 10, but smaller than my current size. So help me God. My lifestyle has to change! Changing my lifestyle is now my agenda!

    ….a luta continua

  2. Ohhh A luta! i totaly feel you ! you know ive also done that for quite a while- complain all the time that nothing works.And not willing to do nothing about it .
    Am glad Junes story has greatly inspired you, and hopefully will be featuring more ladies like her , then in a few months time we will feature ourselves.
    I am gathering courage to place the before photo but what good will it do now? But soon - and very soon it will be my photos and yours that will inspire others.
    Thats what this blog is about anyway.
    Glad to know you are with me on this one.

    About missing your gym yesterday , you can always incoporate skiping a rope- as you suggested or a 20 minits jog around your hood.
    The main idea is to keep your heartrate up for atleast 30 minutes.
    And lets remember one year may look like a long time now , but its really not!

  3. Nice feature! What a transformation! I mean its like a total make-over. I guess the nice clothes go hand in hand with the new self-confidence that comes with a trimmer figure!

  4. What!!!! She is just my heroine right now. Mad Inspiration. I can't wait to have such after photos...its on!!!