Thursday, 9 June 2011

Celebrity Weightloss.

Love em or hate them - we all *Recoconize * ( with an Atwoli accent )them.
Seriously though , we all ohhhh and ahhhh at their public lives and weight-loss is huge business for a few- Like
Oprah who invents and re-invents herself through her weight-gain/loss -no offense to Oprah,
Weight-gain is also a no no for some celebrities -as it marks the end of the beginning of their end of careers.

Am not here to talk about the ones who have added weight - am sure we would learn valuable lessons , but am afraid that is one thing we need not be inspired to do  ..helloooo...* looking at my self up and down*

So here are just a few stories...

Ok Maybe its the little black dress..

Another little black dress....i think not

This Little Black dress thingi is purely coincidental- but- Monique looks nice big- Just like i do- but even better when kilos lighter - my point exactly .

And my favourite...

Jennifer Hudson- my favourite!

A picture is worth a thousand words .
Enough said .


  1. How come i can comment and everybody says they cant/

  2. They are lying come i can!

  3. hahaha..ok anonymous- wonder why ...but its ok- no comments are needed.

  4. This chics can make someone go on a water and air diet!