Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Update on detox...

So i had done this post on Friday -but as my laptop  had it , it never saw the light of day .So here i am - a few  days later  - and i could not even find it in the draft .Someone told me i have abandoned my blog- well in my defense its mine -lol! I love updating on progress , but Sometimes we take life how it goes so - trust me we are still in the journey together . And give a girl a break- i have tonnes of other things i have to do.. :-)

So i learnt a lesson- i should first do it on word- which i had been doing - dont know why decided doing it directly was much better . I wanted to give an update on the smoothies and raw fruits .
My body is already thanking me-I feel like a really really clean house - the smoke , dust and cobwebs all gone - and my face is glowing . I could say its the makeup - but i always do makeup . I got this fine rash on my face - but apparently that happens when toxins are fighting themselves out- but you can still see the glow behind the rash .. So it turns out the enzymes from raw food and fruits are not only  tasty but could act like a cleaning agent to your insides .I have not even done two glasses a day - as  i had planned to - just one glass , and other days two glasses , and a platefull of fruits on all days. I feel really different - and its something worth keeping up .
This is a glowing face- the source of light in my otherwise dark office

So a friend introduced me to Couch to 5 k- plan to post on that  -so if you want to know more about it wait for that post- ama google   .

Ps;I dont know if am in a different worlds - but i cant seem to find blogs around here focussed on weightloss - so am apealing for a hookup . ( dont suggest what am already following on my right )
Let the loosing continue ! .

Xoxo Wambui


  1. Girl you're on a roll with the healthy blogs only!!! I totally understand though, when I first started losing weight, I wanted to read nothing else besides health-fitness blog, then I found my own motivation and now I just read them to see how hard other people work and they are good company. My favorite blog in that department is


    Although I have never done weight watchers or even follow her exercise routines since I do have my own meal and working out plans, I have always read her blog and it's amazing to see how far she has come. I hope you like it- if only to read something different.

  2. Wambui:)
    Im glad your detox went well. I got the aloe capsules, im going to try one on a day that im home-in case they work too well!
    Get back soon!!

  3. You look radiant!! Not been in blogville for a while but am glad you are keeping on. I fell off the wagon due to a round East-African move but will get back on soonest!!