Thursday, 8 September 2011

Low self esteem ....really?

Hey loosers :-)

Hope you are not only keeping well , but loosing the weight  one gram a day .
I was not going to do a post today but i got this comment from a blogger and i thought i should share it.
" Hi Escaping...., i love your style of writing , sounds like you really an interesting person, and pretty too. Even when i look at photos of you , i think you are stunning . So instead of blogging on how to loose weight , i suggest you blog on the clothes- you look lovely in your LBD - or fierce hairstyles-h ve seen two in this blogs and you look hot . I think you should appreciate how you look and embrace it already "

This comment was from anonymous - and i dint publish it - i wanted to do a post on it . First dear anonymous - am not sure you are a he/she- but i thank you for the lovely compliments- on my hair and stuff. About me , and what i blog about - im not any less confident , than you , ( from your statements i assume you are ).However , my decision to loose weight , was more about how i felt - about my weight at 96kgs, and how i  feel now at 85kgs. Was i happy with myself then - yes, did i wear clothes i considered pretty - most definitely and i also dressed up . If you have read my blog- am coming from being 65kgs-to 95kgs, in addition , its not even healthy  to have fat lining up all my arteries- i need to be there as my children grow up. So i appreciate your sentiments, but this has 10% to do with how i look  or my self confidence. Read between the lines and you will know there's so  much more to loosing weight- for me at-least .Am sure you  and  people out there - most of whom are my friends who are 100kgs and more and very pretty ,and confident .
But this is not what its about .



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  1. ;-) i should dare to agree with the comment on you look nice - i like your hair and eyebrows too. But its a personal decision - and healthwise, its so much better to be fit.