Friday, 5 August 2011

Before and now- not yet after

So i feel its about time i post this photos already .
I went to the scales yesterday ..and OMG ok let me save that for another post since clearly my mojo for posting is back .

So , a little walk down memory lane- i started this blog and the whole weight loss thing after a dinner i attended with some colleagues. The pic from that camera are quite horrendous , but you will see what you are meant to see. So lets compare and contrast.

The Dinner all dressed up

In my lil black dress

Forgive the quality of my photos.
And below , is a photo i took 3 weeks ago....yaaay!
Stil not a size 12, but i do not look pregnant anymore.
All geared up to play some outdoor sport

Let the loosing continue.


  1. Oh wow! Go Wambui!

  2. Hi Wambui,
    you still look hot even when you are big.( dont take this the wrong way )
    I love the way you are determined and you are such an inspiration because , i know loosing weight especially after a baby is not easy at all . You are my star! love your blog and keep posting the pics.

  3. @ Mwesh ,thanks. Pics tell you stories when you look at them.I read your comment on your story and am happy that you are doing it for you and no one else. It feels nice to know you are not doing it to get anyones approval and yet you are so fulfilled.@Jamie :-)) thanks for your lovely comment. You also have a baby ? or how do you know?its hard to tell from your name ;-)).

  4. For sure..thanks. What type of outdoor exercises do you do?

  5. looking good, very gooooooood.

  6. Wow- came across this today - you are such an inspiration Wambui. Keep inspiring us- am going to enrol as a result of reading your blog.You make me see it is really doable.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments anonymous 1 , 2. Please leave your names in future so we can keep track of each other.
    Mwesh,mostly i have been doing the gym because the weather lately has not been so friendly. However i jog around my block when it is not so chilly. I walk a pole and jog a pole- you know those stima poles, i find thats a great measure.
    Buuut , i have been reading alot of this- 85% is what we eat , and i plan to do a post on that soon coz i have seen it everywhere- we go for a jog, and come and sit for a plate of southern fried chicken which always fails.

  8. Epic fail...of course we have to eat whole, natural foods to succeed in this. Right now im getting into the habit of eating unprocessed food, if it comes in a not having it. Well except for rice,pasta(brown) and bread(not wheat, rye) and as much fruit+veg as I can.
    The jogging is amazing. I for one could not run to save my life...but I've been doing this thing called Couch to 5k which is amazing. I never ever thought I'd be one of these people who get out of the house and bounce along the road like its second nature...which it is!! Check it can download it for free on iTunes and pop it into your mp3 player/phone and we'll be calling you Wambui Ndereba in a few weeks:)

  9. Hi Mwesh, thanks for the great suggestion. Am looking up couch to 5k will update you later. This cold weather i sort of perfect for outdoor exercises so am def willing to try it.

  10. Ok...let me know how it goes.
    And I just want to let you know that I appreciate you for being one of few brave Kenyan women who are willing to bare it all and blog about your weight loss, since its such a hush hush topic. You are helping so many people, myself included. Thank you so much.

  11. @Mwesh- awww- ( balancing tears).Am not to sure about helping many people but i know this is a journey and am glad not to be alone and i hope to look back and see where far we came from( and offcourse the people we left behind lol. I already am- inbox your gmail 2