Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Weightloss in kenya

So weightloss in Kenya becomes harder by the day . Sometimes i have all the reasons not to want to loose any weight .I have a family , an 8-5 job , and what with the Nyama choma , and good hang outs that are just calling in every block. Other days i have all the reasons to loose weight but i get no time at all. ( or so i have been thinking)
I was chatting with a friend today on IM and i have to say ,  i feel ashamed  and now i know this are just excuses.
Am not saying our friends in the diaspora just cannot loose weight , all am saying is that its just an excuse that we use and if the shows and products we see around are anything to go by then we should up our game.
Check out reasons why its hard to loose weight in Atlanta Georgia compared to Kenya

  • ·         You  have to work for almost 15 hours  a day so i guess if you have a family , and school , there is no way you will spare one hour to gym as that leaves no time to work it .
  • ·         You think its cold – it snows for three months ( and during summer its still too hot) so if you are telling yourself you have been snobbing working out because of the cold- this is not good enough
  • ·         Fresh vegetables, and organic foods , are quite expensive and you get frozen options which lets face it - are way off from the real thing
  • ·         If I wanted a healthy plate of fruit- am thinking mangoes, sweet water melon , bananas, and all those lovely fruits, I would only need to spend like 500 bob  and I have fruits to fill my plate for a week – no kidding in ATL- georgia, i may need  fruits worth 500 dollars to do the same .
  • ·         Almost all our neighbourhoods are walk friendly – if a gym membership is out of reach , I can jog around my hood a few laps , without going onto a main road..
So lets just do it already -

Let the loosing continue



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