Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lost over 15pounds in under 3 months!

So i went to the scales yesterday and i thought the scales were tripping !!!
I had to call a few people and ask them their weight , and weigh them as well.
As if that was not enough, i went a head and placed some weights on the scales - just to be 100% sure- you know the weights that are marked.
Turns out the scales were right- i had lost 8 pounds since i last checked. Sometime in July.
So now am 15 pounds lighter than my original weight.
For those who have a hard time doing pounds - i was 93.5kgs  at start and am now 85kgs.
( Apparently one kg =2.2 something pounds so i may have lost more than that :-)))) 
85 kgs maybe what my friend carol would be if she was almost dying of being overweight ( shes currently 67kgs and working her butt off) but , as i said, different weight, different goals - and am elated about my progress.
My mum rolled her eyes at me when i told her this weekend that am now 85kgs - and she was like " kwani how many kgs were you " . So am not there yet - but am definitely on my way .

So ladies lets keep it up- the best feeling in the world is when you step on the scale and you are pleasantly surprised.
Working out, and choosing veggie salad , is paying off . ( slowly and surely)

So am still on track of the December so looking forward.
I love my progress, in fitness and the weightloss is just a bonus.

Am thinking i should join slim possible (NOT)
But the sky is the limit...
Me in deep thought

 This pic is silly i know- but i just wanted to put one of me in thought- hehehehehe
May the loosing continue!





  2. Yaaaay! I'm happy for you gal! Bring the sexxy back! It may not be obvious to me coz i see you almost everyday but when i look at your before pictures dang! You have shrunk!! Esp your face, its like from ( ) to ( )

  3. Oh...and that 'thought' picture had me in you to take such a photo! I'm thinking i should take one sneering:-/

  4. keep it got me back to start again

  5. @ Curly!ati from () to ()pwahaha (scratching my head) ( ) to ( ). Wait till i start borrowing your size 12 jeans thats when you will see :-). @anonymous- its never too late to start.

  6. @ curly- lol at the thought picture! so when you are thinking you sneer?

  7. Congrats!!! Thats very significant weight loss. All the best for the rest of the journey