Thursday, 24 November 2011

Healthy week challenge.

Hey Blogsville..
New look i know - kinda like the same old but a little different.Still trying really hard to get used to the new template- well it dint quite work out the way i planned coz am not a techi but, ill settle for the warm colours for now because am a warm hearted :-))).

So this week i have been indulging in healthy eating *( a very good comeback from my October ) and i got to say i love it . Paired with the jogging i have already lost two inches on my tummy ..(yaaaay ) and ive been feeling really great - cant say enough of that. Energy levels at an all time high - is what i enjoy most about the morning jog.
So yesterday a pal/colleague of mine   ( whos also on the roller coaster for weight loss) and i  were discussing healthy living and eating and we gave each other a challenge coz she was of the opinion that eating healthy can really be boring - and i sort of agreed , only that is the mindset i am fighting hard to .

Pantry this weekend
So heres the attitude am trying to have - that fruits in abudance are so so good for me. The more colour i have on my plate , the better for me . That veges are so good for my system and i should have them as 50 % of my food the more the colour - the better. Am hoping by the end of this week , ill do such lunches without having to convince myself - and it will be so effortless . No rules , just be as adventurous as possible - so its not a restrictive diet - bottom line in needs to be a healthy meal. Heres somthing am so doing  next week ,
My lunch today :-)))

So i took up the challenge which hopefully we will start doing from first week of Dec , only well start from Monday and not Wednesday as we dont have to wait. In Nairobi - and Kenya in general the festive season means overeating - overdrinking - and bumming . So this is a very exciting way for me to start the month , not that i plan to do the above.
Eggs for lunch -anyone

So now the challenge is  on ..From Monday - eating , drinking and snacking heatlhy.
This means no junk food - keep to wholegrain cereals/products- no white bread or chapati
No soda- or sugary juice- it has to be fresh made if any, no starving or skipping meals - we have to snack but its going to be all healthy .
This looks better than soda - anyday

So since my colleague and i challenged each other , am not going to give too info because - shell steal all my ideas, ill update as it goes- am loving  the challenge.

Snacks all day

Join us if you can and give us ideas...
Warning - this week may take a lot more preparation time than usual ( considering my current preparation time is asking my house girl to dice some fruits or whip a smoothie ) i need to do most of them myself .
So Carol - the challenge is ON!!!



  1. i take up the challenge with both hands so lets do this.

  2. I am so bad with the weightloss thing. All i do now is go to the gym and work out. I should control what I eat but i seem to hv replaced man with food lol... nice blog lady