Thursday, 1 December 2011


I only have 5 minutes to post today so ill keep this short.
So this was meant to be healthy week challenge - and i get a 50% as the week is almost over. Too bad i got a nasty flue yesterday and so my appetite is really low- and my energy is -10 so no jogging  .However  my best friend and i have been doing quite a bit of makeovers - for our homes and weve been so busy walking round about downtown and uptown Nairobi - weve had so much fun   lunch in  town - and thats how come i got my 50%. Yesterday i atleast ate a chicken vegie salad - though this was not how i had planned the healthy thing.

So i really wanted to update midweek - yet  today i came and i kept thinking , theres nothing much to update- i doubt my scale would move an inch downwards - and i came across this website this pretty girl , is on a weightloss journey , though  she has the same goals she had three years ago, and i dint see much progress in between when i browsed her blog.

 I would hate to be on a weightloss journey all my life i mean i intend to start maintaining at some point
but this would mean i have to achieve my goal weight first - so back to the blog above chick , her before photos she just shared in November , yet her weightloss journery started in 2009. Am not even going to blame her - but this is a good lesson for me , and for any one out there trying to loose weight .Consistency is the most important thing - or else you will keep adding and 3 years from now , you will have the same objective - to loose weight only this time , you will probably have added more.

I have done well on fruits and taken some natural ( no flavor ) yogurt . And it feels nice to spend a whole day of healthy eating.


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