Thursday, 17 November 2011

Trying to make/break a habit.

See ...told you i was back - two times in a week ?
So turns out i have had such low energy levels the last two months - and the only thing that was different from this week is am now back on excercise. This sounds like a total oxymoron but its true- i stop excersing because i feel tired and laggish and i want to rest , and this knocks me off my routine so i stop going all together and who knows - more rest right? So how do you explain after resting so much i had such low energy levels?
So come this week , ive exersiced three days so far - today morning included i have so much energy and hence the oxymoron - rested and energyless ...or as today - tired yet full of energy.That is why i could not even get time to post- all the while telling myself i was too busy. Looking back , was busy then as i am now so where is this time coming from . You get it i hope...
So  been taking my jog in the evening , but yesterday i was looking forward to one though , i could not  make it   as i was having coffee with a girlfriend till 9 .pm.So this morning i woke up at 6 .am and my mind left me and went for a jog so i had to follow suit.
I felt more energized than i have felt in a long time and just to confirm this , i established that morning exercise is 3 times better than any other time of day .

So today morning i took a jog- well actually it was more of a brisk walk and a few minutes of jogging for like 30 minutes around my block. So since it had rained overnight i did not want to risk going outside my court - and so i had to go round my block 3 times. The morning was not promising to be beautiful as it was gray and foggy but that did not stop this not so little missy :-) .
There is something so refreshing about any morning however gray or rainy so i took it by the horns and hopped walked and jogged around.

Am still trying to build up my resistance meaning i cant jog all the way round which is something like 500 metres, but i love where am going with this.

Haven't bought that Mp3 player yet , it makes it all the while fun -  but since i've been procrastinating going into the city to buy one ,  and since am sure at this point trying to catch my breath will be louder than the player ...ill keep on
So now am dying to get into the habit of doing my jog/run in the morning  , but i read , that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit ,and especially if its a habit you have/never  had all your life

So my new challenge is waking up at 5 everyday and slotting in my me time.

Update on this soon .
Glad to be back



  1. Its not easy waking up at 5 in the morning dear but please try make it a habit coz you gonna enjoy and achieve your Goal,please try get that Mp3 player too coz it helps you workout without feeling the pain of it. Lovely Blog Now following You...

  2. hi i think this is very good i will also embrace the running mood. lets do this