Monday, 21 November 2011


Hello bloggers....been fearing am slow when it comes to my way around blogsville - and the net at large.
Today's post is a confirmation , i have tried to find my way around not using this generic quite boring themes the one i have( is it a theme?) IDC ...but i clearly need help.
So am so tired of seeing so much green and grass on my blog next time i see that am going to snap my laptop into two ...( errr yea right ).
Anyway , so am in need of tips , how do i change how it looks - am so done with this look ( i said that already )...
how do i make it have a colorful/different  ( free ) are so welcome...and please give me all the info as am so clueless!!

Thanks dearies...

Update- spent the whole day today ( literally ) trying to change the template and it kept giving me an giving up ..i have followed tutorials, downloaded countless of different templates ..still being let down .. il keep trying .. today , :-((((
 Update two ..
Ok so the big change i was looking for did not happen but i just used a regular one i hope you guys wont mind it much ...coz the html one refused tharali...



  1. Blogger has several free themes you could try one of them? Or Google "free backgrounds" you can find alot of free easy to install backgrounds. For a start, try

  2. Thanks a mill Njeri!!!am on shabby blogs right away