Monday, 14 November 2011

Am back people...

Hi Friends. Its been a while and i gotta say i missed posting , i missed you guys, but what i missed most was loosing weight. Truth is i could not get myself to write for the last two months because i felt i was kinda busy , doing everything else , apart from what this blog is about . So as a result , i actually went out and added two pounds ..( yes you read right).
Now id like to act all frustrated and claim that my efforts for the last two months have not paid off, but i would be lying-. My efforts paid me back - 10 fold , i ate and passed by the gym :-).

I dint renew my gym membership a few weeks back , in favour of swimming , and i actually did keep the swimming up for  a two weeks. Then the weather became so erratic and since its an outdoor pool , i gave it a break , only to realise, the weather wasnt going to change any time soon. Am the kind of person who gets bored with doing anything for a long time - no matter how exciting it is , so i was not ready to go back to the gym yet...As i was exploring what venture to take up next, it was time for a Holiday - so i was in Mombasa for a week , where i indulged in icecream , lattes, black forest...all the things i had been avoiding from May ..and they all landed in my tummy area.

I still want to understand how eating 100 grammes of chocolate  and 250 mls of ice-cream translates into adding a full pound ..what kind of math is that? Anyway , before i knew it , two whole months had passed , and i had actually piled on some pounds. Am not saying i was surprised how things turned out . But good thing is at the back of my head, i knew all along , i had changed my lifestyle and even all the while , id enjoy it while its in my mouth , only to feel my tummy was too full or my face would break out . And so after a a few weeks of totally misbehaving , am glad to say and confirm , i don't miss that life and the weight that comes along with it .
And i miss working out - even if am still not willing to be in the confines of a gym right now. Just this week i went to a college near my house , to pay to use their jogging track - and  i tried it out yesterday .

Am going to buy an Mp4 player to go along with it and am looking for company around my hood ( its so much better when you have a support group.)

Am not proud for having been off for this long - but , i guess i needed to pass that phase ,to re affirm my decision and remind myself why i even strarted this in the first place.

Glad to be back good people.

Would love to hear how you have all been doing  it...



  1. Hey girl! Thank you so much for coming by my new blog and commenting AND following. Really appreciate it! AND loving your blog. Thanks so much for the encouragement to keep posting. I shall! :D

    I totally hear you re: "am glad to say and confirm , i don't miss that life and the weight that comes along with it ."

    I'm with you there.

  2. aww, first time here and following. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I guess we both have the same purpose for which we created our blogs, I think I got more carried away with writing generally rather than writing for my weight Taking time to read through your posts now. so i can catch few tips, Be sure i'll be a regular visitor

    Much luv!

  3. Aaaah, she's back!! That was some hiatus Madam! I hope you are well. Do me a me the website you got couch to 5k on...was it itunes ama?

    I'm glad you're back!

  4. Hey Mwesh...been ignoring my emails you ...sawa tu. Glad to be back , as you can see i was up to nothing good. EErrr now , i actually have yet to download the couch to 5k , been waiting ( still waiting ) to buy an MP3 player so i can download to that , i was hoping you would help with that? I actually found the info 2 couch25k..but i dint bother much with the downloading and id hoped youd help me with that ? what happend to yours? the one i had found is the one that i have to buy ...rem?

  5. Are you sure you got the right one? I received no email at all in all those sad:( You know I'd be on that reply button as soon as I got it.
    I'll email you a link with the details for downloading it from itunes...where I got it for free. And I finished it! Took way longer than I expected it to but I did eventually and now I include a run every week to my workouts. It was hard...but I got there, just keep at it. How has the 5am jog been?

  6. Hey Mwesh...yes was on the right one coz i just replied on what we have been emailing on . Anway my jog so far so good , its amazing how just in 3 days i can feel a clear difference ..though ive not perfected still wake up at 6 ..ish coz of the rain. But most def am keeping this up ...send that link girl !!!