Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Chritmass to you all !!

Ok so the title of this post is cliche - but i really mean it !
I adore Christmas so much mostly because am such a believer in God and the love he had for us that he gave his son to come and  be born and live and die for us !
So am the kind of person who keeps up those traditions i thought were so shady when i was a teenager Merry christmass!! Am the kind of person who loves traditions, and christmass for me is a time for me and my family to do the things we love together .
I always buy a bigger christmass tree (than what we had  last year ) and we light up the house with nice fairy lights - just like my mum used to do for us -  and my firstborn - who is now five - lights up and i think thats the most interesting part about making the house all cheery for Christmass.
This tree stays - whether we spend christmass at home or away from home- its always on my todo list.
This time round i bought for her red and green balloons and she went all crazy in the house and tonight well decorate some more and just get silly together .
So this is my last post this year !
Have fun , remember the poor ...and lets meet in January as we make weightloss resolutions!!!


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