Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Healthy eating pays off 1000%...

Hello people!
So i had decided ( secretly) that i wont go to the scales till February 2012, so that i can have antAWESOME shock . I had also decided this was enough time for me for me to indulge in Christmas festivities - i had made an allowance and so by end of feb i will recover from that !

The one thing i was conscious of all through , was my portions when eating - and my high fibre intake.
I want to belive that is what i experienced late last week. 
I went to the scales and am now 78 KGs -yes  this came as a shocker to me as when i joined the wagon back in November i was macktiming at 84 . However am all smiles and i totaly belive- 80% of weightloss and weight is basically in what we eat. If i go all out this Dec , theres a good chance ill be back to the 80s in Jan.
But in this step by step journey , am never going back . I came fromt he 90's and i know how that feels-and if i can help it am NEVER GOING BACK TO THE 90'S AND NOW THE 80'S.

In my first post in November , i actually lamented at how ill miss my target , but i was happy to be doing something about it . And what i have learnt is most important , is even when am out enjoying my barbecue- which my Hubby throws almost every weekend , at the back of my mind , i know where ive been and where i want to be.
So busy at work - but if theres one thing i know works for me - eating right!!!!


Embracing weighloss..


  1. Yes dear,eating right is another factor,i think the idea of not checking your weight till Feb is good. Trust me you gonna be shocked..all the best & please keep on keeping on.