Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lovely new year !

Hello blogsville!Am thanking God in Heaven for having gifted us with a new year with so much goodness and mercies following us all the way !
Heres to hopping you had a wonderful holiday celebration and you are now ready to loose the weight you added over the last few weeks! :-)
There is something so hopeful, fresh and exciting about the new year, but before we go there - let me say i looked back today and am really glad i started blogging/loosing last year sometime in May.
I was really scared at the time because i sort of felt like what if i failed , and i had sort of posted my story up on a tree for the anyone to see ...
However so what...if i would have tried and failed miserably huh? why are we always scared of how people will take anything ? as if those people do not have enough problems of their own to worry about -
So if this has taught me anything it is this- if i want to do something , i just get up and go on and do it . If i fail ..well i tried if i succeed , yaaaay to me ! I wont second guess myself !
Looking back at the photo that broke the camels back , i am glad that by the close of the year , even after loosing focus at some point , i lost a healthy number of pounds from 185 pounds to 156 pounds.
Over Christmas , i let loose so am sure am not sure what weight am at right now but its a lovely new beginning for me!
I saw this statement somewhere and it really resonated with me " Next year this time round you will wish you started TODAY"....well am not planning to wish but to be glad so i have a new target for 6 months - which i will be sharing tomorrow as soon as i weigh myself.

My 30th birthday is in a few weeks and as much as i have been terrified about turning three oohh..well am glad i am where i am - i have God in my life , a loving husband, two wonderful  kids later, a job i love - i really am greatly blessed  and i give  thanks to God!
Will post soon on my progress and plans!
Hugs and smooches !


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