Friday, 16 September 2011

unnecesarry and unwelcome comments ...

So it seems the blog has taken a nose dive and instead of being inspiring advice- i want to rant and rave .This is the last rant- i promise. So a few days ago , int he sunny afternoon  i went to watch my 5 year old daughter , in their swimming gala- well they dont really swim to compete- more like watching them splash water in the baby pool. Because of the audience , it was held in a private sports club swimming pool. Being a kindergarten , means they were using only the baby pool - this particular one is quite wide .
The main pool was therefore open for the members of the club.. So in the middle of the kids splashing and competing to run to the end of the baby pool , a lady walked in - clad in her swim suit . She was not gigantic , but she was not so small either . So her thighs were wobling as she walked , and one child shouted -" look at that big fat lady shes showing us her pupu butt  ..." and she went hahaha- and offcourse all the kids followed suit - and if you know kids , when they are laughing from amusement , they point at their source of amusement .
Before we knew it , some parents were also snickering , but it was more out of embarrassment than anything else.The lady in the swim wear, could have been anything between 100 and 110 kgs . If you ask me - that is not someone who is worth being laughed at . But- being in a swim suit makes the whole difference. In fact - if someone who was a size 8 and this lady probably size 18 stand alongside each other , this lady would look like shes revealing more than actual .This was really insensitive of the little brats - but whom should we really blame here?

There are many times we make fun of others and we really hurt and this are the behaviors other generations take up . In a related incident , just yesterday i went to a boutique near my house - and every time i go there , i swear not to return because the guy is a total a%&h*%.The only thing is he displays such stylish cloths on his display , i have found myself going there twice after swearing never to return .
So yesterday , i go there and he has such lovely jeans - and dresses. So i ask , do you have any of this in my size? The guy gave me size 22 jeans - and size a dress.
Whhaaaat!Then we actually exchanged a few words - because i was like - whose are those for, and he goes on to tell me , the way i shouldn't judge anything by how it looks ,i should wear the size 22 or whatever ... first bla bla bla.And he finishes his sentence with " you have to admit , you're not exactly size 10"

So in pure anger i wore the size 22 jeans - just to spite him - and off course they were way off,  -
Now for sure i hope i will never find myself there again . I wanted to throw a shoe or a stone - anything .How annoying are such people ? if i ask for a size 10 , give me a size 10 let me try it on and rip the stitches off as i do it - and you will have mad a sale .
Sigh - i feel much better after letting that out .
Does this look like size 22 to you ? Think not !!:-)

I am a size 16 , though a stretching 14 jeans , currently fits just as fine. As a woman , am not in denial , but if you are in the selling clothes business , you need to evaluate your client first .
And to prove that sucker wrong , today i wore size 14 pants , and i dare say , they are even sagging at the waist so i have to fasten them with a belt.
So - before you open your mouth , to someone who maybe a size bigger than what you like - think twice - and if its not necessary shut up . Some annoying comments like - you should work out - or eat some salad - or at least you know how to dress your figure , - that would look better if i wore it may say this with all the best intentions - but trust me they are not welcome and should not be let out . Its the same as going to tell someone whose face has acne something like - you should try clean your face at night ...or distasteful comments its like implying she doesnt shower enough or something. If however your opinion is sought , that is another thing all together .

Enough ranting and i cant surely promise there wont be more - it feels so nice.

Keep loosing ladies!



  1. You look fab, and they hair is just amazing.

  2. ….looooovely read, or is it lovely tirade? I would not agree less. I strongly believe that people who sell clothes should have basic selling etiquette. This would go alooong way in uping their sales as opposed to driving their customers away.
    Liz, we are still on this weight loss agenda, pamoja, pamoja girlfriend. I am loving the way I feel 9so far) and I sure will put in some extra efforts at it.
    Yesterday as I was leaving the gym I met a pal of mine who got a baby around the same time as me last year. We had a chat and she commented on how I was getting my weight almost back. That really did it for me, I was so glad, I almost went back to the gym! The down side of our meet was one thing that I highly regret….
    As I said earlier, she is my friend and I know how she if all fussy about weight… eyes caught sight of her tummy and I was like, “girl! Hit the gym, come on and join me”. Sadly she told me, “I was doing gym and I hurt my back, I can’t gym anymore until I am done with medication” Your post came ringing back in my head and I realised how we can easily judge and think other people have no idea of what is good, since we think that was is happening for us is the best and should be emulated by others out there. This was an eye opener and I will seek to understand others before I open my mouth.
    My reason for losing weight is mine and not for others. I am glad that in this journey I have friends like Wambui who can hold me accountable since we have a similar goal.
    For my friends out there who cannot hit gym coz of one reason or another, don’t throw in the towel yet, get a healthy way of eating so as to keep your body as healthy as you can. Get doctors advice on small exercises that you can engage in.
    I believe in longevity and I want to live in health and fitness, so help me God.

    …a luta continua in joy :-)