Tuesday, 27 September 2011

And everyone began to notice...

Hello ladies!This month i have been on a roll doing so many great things - that even my weight-loss goals, and plans have been kept in the back of so many things i had planned to do . The month kept its promise to be one of the busiest for me this year - with little personal things that take up so much time.

Well am glad its over - and am back to blogosphere more than a day in a week.
So the month of september  - the progress is not worth writing about   because i was on  i slow down , so i dint quite expect anything..

Funny the month where i gave my weight loss the  least attention , it got most. I got so many compliments , and others  not so welcome - heck i even got  comments on my weight loss  from very unlikely sources . I guess its the results of my hard work for the past three months. I also got some negative ones- and you know such people always exist, even when they try make it sound sarcastic - well i long learnt that jealousy is a compliment in disguise so i smile and move on-or tell them to move on :-)))).  I appreciate them all anyway - but i dont do it for the compliments or else i would have given up the first two weeks .

The most amazing reaction i got was from my grandma who was all jaws dropped on the ground , and she wanted to know if i was going through something , if the babies were too much for me or what would make my body " waste away like that " .I had a good laugh at her questions  I was so tickled at how worried she looked - she hadnt seen me in like 5  months .  She saw me right after i got my baby , so i must have been 98 kgs. I laughed all the way and told her how happy i was and how hard i had worked to look like this. After a little lecture from me on why being so big is not so good on health , she gave up on the topic. Shes a very petite woman herself and shes in her 70s , and very healthy. She does not take sugar , in any form  and offcourse you know the african staple foods (read githeri) are so nutritious , she cant be a kilo over 55- though shes not so tall. When i told her i would like to be her age and her weight so i could be as healthy as she is , she finished off with " ive tried eating on top of trees and i dont get bigger " but she got the point .
The positive compliments are great though ,  and they go to confirm the scales are not tripping , and i got to just exhale  - ok , i can actually put my mind into doing something and actually do it .

As i went to the scales yesterday , i was not so enthusiastic , and i actually thought i had maintained my weight all through. Well turns out , i had lost three pounds. If you recall , my initial goal was 4 pounds every month for six months , so this is a little offtrack. However considering the things i had to do, i have to give myself a pat on the back for doing something very important- maintaining.
Over and over where we go wrong ,is have 6 months of intense weightloss, and actually loose , and we have a year of adding weight , and so we double the weight we had already lost .
So its official am 83.5 Kgs ...If you have been following my story , right after my baby i was 96kgs and i am amazed at how far i have come.

Am looking forward to October being really different , although i already have a holiday planned for the third week of October and you know - old habits are hard to kill. Holidays mean hotel  food , drinking , no rest etc. However il try and do three days of good stuff , and two days of not so good food , and if you know me , thats quite a lot to give.

Someone told me shes on a slimming pill , and shell be updating me on that , but she has lost 5 kgs in two months. The only thing that scares me with pills is what they may actually be doing to the other organs say the liver etc.Well as i said before , different things work for different people , what is most important is living a lifestyle that , you eat healthy ,and are involved in physical excercise in a way that never at any one point , you will not have like 20kgs that you have piled up in a year - without a baby to show for it .

The most inspiring advice i have heard this month is this" your weight is like a bank account. Calories are withdrawals done every day depending on the "shopping " you engage in. The more food you put in it , the more there is in the account. The meaner you are in your account , the lesser you will eventually have . If you deposit as much as you spend every day - your balance stays the same. Where most of us fall under is where we always deposit more and we " shop" less.If this were a cash bank account , you would want to deposit more than you ever spend. But its a fat and energy deposit- so if you want to deplete your account , then spend spend spend , and deposit less of what you have been depositing .
What i have confirmed for sure this month  is that in 90% of weight-loss is as a result of diet. The 10% is excersice though am sure i have said that over and over again. I have found myself naturally buying so much fruit and enjoying it , always prefer 5 pieces of beef in my stew , or one piece of chicken/fish.
I want to learn how to do more of this , because i do not wish to EVER be 90 kgs ever again. But since am working at not only not increasing the balance in my account - but depleting it , then i have to spend , spend , spend. I get bored really first - at any routine and maybe thats why i went to the gym twice a week this month .
However i have also found so many chores to do in the house that i do and sweat , and even if i have a housekeeper  , and a nanny , its amazing i think i should do my own housekeeping  and this not only makes me a seriously  hardworking wife with a sparkly clean  house...but i consider it " extravagant spending " from my bank account ( i have  offshore(thighs) accounts with deposits ill target to use ). But i bet i can only do the hard house chores when theres someone else to do them - the minute its my duty , there goes my interest to do them so the housekeeper will stay.

I noticed the photos i post lately are such low quality - i dare say they do not serve me justice so i wont even do one today though i would have loved to because  i changed my hair and i have this hot shoes i want to kiss right now - pics soon.

Take care


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