Tuesday, 31 May 2011

OMG-the gym locker room shockers!!!

So yesterday i had carried my gym bag to the office, as i have noticed i do waste so much time when i go pick it up in the evening . This meant that instead of going straight to the workout studio , i went to the ladies locker room. Let me just say those images will take a while be erased!

I know there is that adage- feel good when naked but come ONNNN! ladies!!!
Buuut , if its any consolation , i felt really good about my body and figured really i have nothing to be ashamed of , am very shapely , my pot belly has nothing compared to the ladies i saw in there..
I kept laughing quietly to myself and thinking ok how do these people do it ?
In any case in whatever state this women's butts-saggy skin is in , they are better off because they are doing something about it - not just whining as ive been doing for a while

I soon figured out why the notice on the door was in glaring red " Strictly Seriously ladies only".
I also found myself undressing with an imaginary curtain offcourse , in the locker room for the simple reason , theres not enough changing rooms to go around and it was peak hour !

The workout experience was great , tried going for aerobics and i was panting like a fish out of water .
I kept admring the ladies at the front , so shapely , so co-ordinated especially in the "stradle " movements. Sadly the back - where i belong(for now) was so unco-ordinated and with sweaty plumb chikcs who kept going to hold the wall from lack of breath every few minutes ...picture that .

But soon , ill be the lean lady at the front .
I must say i have noticed a huge difference in how i feel , my face is also glowing , and i atribute this to the sweating . Aparently sweating is really good for the face and clearly my face is telling this tale.
So far i have been in the Steam twice and loved the after look.

Am also working on small dietary changes - my goal is , not to make drastic changes that will bore and overwhelm me, but to make small adjustments every single day and then change overall.
This week i am only doing one teaspoon of sugar in my milky tea, i plan to do no sugar by next week .
Am really not sure i can give up on the milk as am still B-feeding my lil angel so i need the calcium.

Am also keeping my lunches really light , and no snacking in the afternoon . Am yet to give up my mid morning snack , but hey am not look for exhaustion here- one thing at a time.
areos- phoros coming soon ! rem they are before and not after ..

My trainer and am not going to the scales anytime soon - well am tempted but wont .
for the sake of progress ill now report on my weight in pounds .
Am now 184 pounds -Jesus!

Let the loosing begin!

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