Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time to loose more weight!

Ok so i promised this post would come  soon enough- but this is half baked still.
 You cannot control what you cannot measure so i went out and got weighed- so for my indulging in so much barbecue and cake over christmass - am now 81 kgs (SMH).So my agenda today  is to make new goals for the new target period- my goal weight is 65kgs by June - that means i have 6 months to loose 16kgs.That is atleast 2 and a half kgs every month .

Am not even going to fret about that adding weight clearly my body adjusts really fast both ways - and i really did eat lots of holiday goodies. Anyhow now its time to loose weight . I came from 98kgs in March to 78kgs by close of Dec and with a little overfeasting over christmass i set myself back 3kgs ( although in my defence i used a different scale right after lunch and lots of water .. lol).

Serioulsy though am glad am starting off now - and now that i have my goal - seems really doable to me - i want to try and do an actual diet and combine it with excercise. No am not talking about anything extreme like the 13 day diet or such .  But am actually researching on one before i actually decide. Any ideas - i will love to hear - something that i can do for a month so it needs to be doable .

I feel alone in this journey- where all my weightloss pals at ? wink wink you know what happens when you do not consistently  look at what your pals with similar objectives are doing you may fail - and i dont want to fail .

Will tell you my diet soon !


Let the loosing start -Again!


  1. May I suggest no fad diets? Just keep it simple. Eat healthy count your calories and exercise.
    You can do this and reach your goal in no time.


  2. You've been tagged with the Kreative Blogger award! :-)
    Go here to check out the deets! http://furahaproject.blogspot.com/2012/01/kreative-blogger.html

  3. All the best on the weightloss hun!!!

  4. I know what you mean. I'm also trying to lose weight. I'm currently 85kg and started off at 88.5kg, 2 months ago. i go to the gym 3 times a week and I'm currently drastically reducing portions. Well, it's working. just feels so slow but hey slow and steady wins the race! :)