Saturday, 25 February 2012

Still on the wagon ...

Hello anyone - and everyone who still comes to my blog to find nothing....So the posts of me coming back to this blog have long become lame. I really can barely keep up theres so much happening everywhere...Anyhow ill just go past the apology as am sure no one really wants to hear

From wearing a size 18 to a 14- i have to say this is something. Its stil kind of tight around my lower tummy which am working on toning , but this time last year -a size 18 fit exactly the way a size 14 feels today . Am really proud of myself- having come this far - in under one year. 
Todays post may be a bummer but - i Just wanted to let you know am still here - loosing weight - maybe a gramme a day - am now 78 kgs - again ..:-)))))
I love meeting people who havent seen me for the last one year - their reaction is always so rewarding ..did i really look that huge? I guess i did..

as i typed this post
I  need to get pics of me - not from my neck up as i did today on my webcam.
One thing is clear - i enjoy being kilos of fat lighter ...:-) and i miss blogging.

But i came across this tips that have kept me from falling off the wagon..i printed them and stuck them somewhere i can see everyday.
Hope they help you...
  • Drink plenty of water or other calorie free drinks- all the time
  • consider what else you should add to your diet ( not reduce) am thinking fruits veges..smoothies..
  • Everytime you are putting something in your mouth - are you really hungry..
  • Indulge in whatever is in season- right now for me its mangos- for bfast lunch and dinner ..
  • Have a protein at every mean 
  • Be physically active .
As you can see - am having a slow day .

Keep loosing - its a lifestyle we are embracing.


Embracing Weightloss


  1. Glad you're back! The unexpected compliments are always the best! :)

  2. Yeah for you. I recently just started blogging myself. It is a commitment, but so is losing weight. Stick with it. I'm very proud of you!!!!!

  3. Karibu, nice to read some good news/progress! I hope you keep on with the updates. I follow all of those tips except for No. 2 I always ask myself if I need whatever I'm about to eat, because that feeling of hunger I have never really been able to grasp it, I'm afraid if I waited for hunger I might be waiting for a long time.

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  5. Wambui! Gosh its been a while! I really have missed your posts. Im glad ur back.

    Oh my...its been tough for me as well, in the sense that I'm always in the quest for building better habits but all the nasties are surrounding me and its like arrgh!! And at this point I'm a no no no machine. But how much longer can one rely on will power? :( Its like I'm waiting for the point that its automatic, easy even, but sometimes it feels so far away:(

    1. Hey Girl! Its been a while how have you been ? well -i know that feeling of being sorrounded by the nasties - my hubby is king of "nasty food "And sometimes will power is never enough- coz i also get to someplace where am like - at what point do i stop strugling with the right food - and when does it become natural ..i share your sentiments 100%. but - i find it easier to keep it one day at a time -and then after sometime i look back and am like - wow - i dont like eating pizza anywmore - and even when i have a slice - i cringe - which wud be like where you are calling automatic mode! Dont be sad girl :-) i bet when you look at the pic- evn if its a constant struggle - its stil worth it at the end of the day ...right? been A wall coz of work and family - and work...but am stil on the wagon -and if i fall out - ill stand right back and hop back on !

  6. Definately....get back on that horse! And thanks for your kind words, I really will come back on one of those days and repeat it to myself:)
    Couch to 5k?