Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Holidays and eating..

Holidays = eating , or so we think. So this weekend i found myself in a nice resort , where everything is five course, including teabreak :-).

It is so easy to pile up to 6 pounds in two days if we go all carefree and pick everything in the buffet.
I had this monologue with myself , and i was not going to allow what i had worked 6 weeks to loose , to come running back , all in the name of stuffing myself.

However  i failed  -  on the upside i failed in a good way.

For the first day - there was so much barbecued chicken and  yummy looking lamb chops with rosemary chicken- i found myself stuffing myself with so much of peas and sweetcorn casserole.
It felt really good to have made the first choice and leave my plate full of that red-not so good for my weightloss stuff.

Over tea break , i sfuffed myself with so much equatorial pawpaw- seriously, i must have eaten like 3 full pawpaws over break.

Come lunch time , beetroot soaked cucumber in plenty , lots of salad and abit of lean lambchop- couldn resist this! And i also filled my large plate with veges, was being asked if i was trying to be a rabbit.
I guess my strategy was , get myself so full , there was not going to be a chance that i had space for the more chicken . This strategy worked quite well through.
So bottom line am really enjoyed myself and i did not sabotage my weight loss efforts.

By overeating the good stuff, i may not have lost any weight , but i feel great knowing , i could easily have added up to four pounds in two days, if i was not careful.

Let the loosing continue.


Wambui Muhia

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