Tuesday, 12 July 2011

7 pounds- gone!

I know i said i will not go to the scales until after three months , but i visited the doctor on Friday so inevitably , i had to have my weight taken .
Initially i promised myself not to look , (yea right who was i kidding). In any case the doctor said my weight out loud- and since i know most people add muscle weight , i was determined not to be bothered by it had it been higher or the same as my start weight  . The scale did not go pas the 180 pounds mark- as it has done for the longest time.
Am slightly below 180 but below 180, is excellent progress and am quite excited.* giving myself a pat on the back*

My start-weight was 186- Seven pounds in slightly over one month , may look low to some people, but if i could keep this up , then am on course to meet my target for the Dec bikini challenge. 7 pounds per month for 6 months =46 pounds.

So the small changes i have been making over the last one month have totally paid off.
I have also mentioned severally how light i feel, and energetic- which is the biggest plus, the weight loss is really a bonus.
My hubby got so inspired by my progress, hes also joining me in the gym from the beginning of the month !(Actually i meant this month so we already gym together).
Now that after photo is really on its way i can smell it already!

Let the loosing continue.



  1. congrats!! 7pounds a month is not an easy feat so dont say it seems little