Wednesday, 6 July 2011

December bikini challenge !

Two posts in a day - Am tryna make up for the long absence

So we challenged ourselves - me and a few friends * wink wink Mueni , Naomi and Carol* to wear bikinis that we have not worn for two years!
I have  a feeling we killed this idea as soon as we birthed it !
Am re awakening the challenge - and ill even go for shopping for my december bikini today !
It has to be something that would be very uncomfortable to wear now but will fit in perfectly in december .
Will update later on the shopping experience.

The original idea which i think we should stick to for this challenge was to loose 2 kgs per month !
That may sound like an average pace but for me it is very good.
So we have 6 months to go- that means 2 kgs or 4 pounds  every month - without fail if you are over 180 pounds like me , and 1 kg everymonth if your like Carol who is bordering 130 pounds !This will result in 4x6=24..pounds less totals to 156 pounds! SMART goal!

So am inviting other your FAT girl out there ..heard Monique say shes FAT - Fabulous And Thick!
Mueni , Ill be coming to take your photos and your weight on sato! ..and you know i will!


  1. Readin thru this bikini blog, keeps my brain wonderin! Am thinking to myself, "how about we take it to the next level?" "go for a crazy coast treat for a weekend or some & celebrate nailin our targets" u know what goin 2 coast means??? Less cloth ;-)

    Yesterday i revisited my alta ego, me the basket baller. Must say it was fun. Had two dudes join me play the game. Twas a good experience. Am learning to make my gym or tizi life composed of several things, eg jog, play bball, badminton, trendmill aerobics. So far i have done the byke, trendmill, seatups, bball and aerobics. I lov bball more tho.. This smart target has to b achieved, so help me/us God.

    ..about the photo, i know u seriously are comin for it. This sato, however, is kaudu tight! Havin a teambuildin for jobo. Will arrange on how we can have this before picha business done.

    So, should i say aluta continua? :-)

    ... Mueni

  2. Hey Mueni,
    i love the way you are back to your campus alter ego-bball and all .
    We should do that soon. finding you has become as easy as getting the prime minister -lol!

  3. today i am a very happy girl. i did 351 calories and am proud of it! it may not be big news for someof us but it is great news for me. Every day i go to the gym with a target! When starting i feel like giving up but once i get my groove on i just seem to go go go and not stop.

    I am really giving it my best.

    Last week after Wambui stepped on the scale i yearned to follow, i resisted the urge in vain. I did step on the scale today and am glad to announce two kilos down! yep! 2 down and am happy! again, it might sound small but those are the steps to the after photo.

    Wambui girl friend, when are these photoes coming? :-)

    I am looking forward to the next two months coz then i will be 4 kilos down from my initial weight, so help me God.

    ....aluta continua


  4. Hey girl ,
    Congrats girl! 4 pounds gone :-))) that is huge!
    you shouldnt say its kidogo , thats alot, and we are not looking for drastic changes coz we sooner go for plastic surgery .
    I am meant to come and take photos of you , i know i have been so busy with all my weekdays and plus my weekends !
    But as you said , setting those daily targets is what keeps us going as well.
    And day by day, the small changes add up to so much more .
    I find that nowadays i really enjoy going to the areobics class till , today i tripped , and all i could think of was oh bummer - ill have to miss my areobics class today .
    and am still waiting for you to return my last week but one call :-))))